Contact center Automation Tools

What are Contact center Automation Tools?

Contact center Automation Tools are tools used by organization call centers to automate specific manual processes and boost productivity. This technology enables the optimization of processes within call centers and allows agents to work better and more efficiently. Automation increases efficiency, reduces costs, improves accuracy, and offloads mundane tasks from call center agents. With all these benefits, it has become vital for contact centers to incorporate automation tools.

Contact Centre Automation Tools

Why are Contact center Automation Tools so Important?

Call center automation tools eliminate the need for many manual practices by handling mundane and repetitive tasks such as dialing. For instance, the Voxco Dialer facilitates automated dialing or a combination of both and maximizes dialing productivity. 

By automating such processes, agents spend less time entering data and switching between applications and spend more time focusing on the conversations with their callers.

Types of Contact center Automation Tools

These are a few tools used in Contact center Automation:

Advantages/Benefits of using Contact center Automation Tools

  1. Unexpected issues or surge events can be better handled when automation tools have been employed.
  2. Allows employees to focus on what is important: Automation processes can eliminate the need for agents to conduct a lot of manual processes such as dialing. This saves time and ensures agents can focus on their interactions with customers.
  3. Changes the benchmarks for success in call centers, from operational KPIs such as handle time and calls per hour to outcome-based metrics such as customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score® (NPS® ).
  4. Help identify patterns in analytics and interactions more efficiently and better than humans can. For example, advanced root cause analysis can help identify opportunities to pursue new markets or new products and services.

Why choose Voxco for Contact center Automation Tools?

Omnichannel Integration

Voxco CATI facilitates the seamless integration of online, offline, and phone survey channels. This allows respondents to choose the mode of communication that they prefer and increases customer engagement.

Integrated Telephony System

Voxco CATI can be easily integrated with a telephony system of your choice: a feature not common in other computer-assisted telephone interviewing software. Voxco IVR (interactive voice response system) and Voxco Dialer can be seamlessly integrated with Voxco CATI to boost productivity further.

Can be used in multiple modes

Voxco IVR can be used in three modes, and they are as follows:

  • Inbound, where respondents call your center
  • Outbound, where the IVR or dialer system places a call to respondents
  • Mixed, which is either inbound or outbound
  • Real-time field supervision

With Voxco CATI, you can screen mirror the interview with messaging to the interviewer and carry out remote supervision for multiple sites and home agents. This is particularly helpful during the pandemic when many call center agents are working from their homes.

Advanced design capabilities

Voxco CATI’s design capabilities facilitate multiple question types, dynamic question options, extensive logic functions, programmable custom logic, multilingual capabilities, and so much more.

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