Omnichannel Cloud Call Center Software

Powerful cloud-based call center software to help your business leapfrog geographical limitations – for customers and employees.

What is Call Center Equipment?

Call Center Equipment is a major factor ensuring smooth operations at your contact center. Today’s call centers need their hardware to be augmented with a powerful cloud-based software stack. Voxco’s call center equipment solution can put an end to your contact center woes!

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Deliver Better Customer Experiences with Voxco’s Cloud Call Center Software

Voxco’s omnichannel cloud call center software can empower your agents to tackle customer interactions as effectively as possible. Whether it’s more sales or a better customer service experience, your agents will always have the information they need to deliver. Powerful dashboards and analytics tools ensure that your agents have insights into who they’re talking to, allowing them to personalize their customer experience at a key touchpoint – your contact center. 

Be it outbound calls, inbound calls or blended services, Voxco’s cloud call center software can boost productivity, and give your business the tools to manage feedback. Cloud call center software can help save 27% vs your typical on-premise solution!

Benefits of our omnichannel Cloud Call Center Software


Cost-effective IVR surveys and messaging

Our State of the art IVR system gives you a cost-effective solution for managing your call queue as well as conducting self-completion surveys.

Intelligent routing

Our intelligent routing system ensures that calls are transferred with agent experience and availability in mind.

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Enhanced interview capabilities

With capabilities like direct conference which allows other people to join directly into the conversation and transfer out (seamlessly transfer a respondent who wishes to speak to someone else), your agents have the tools to handle any situation.

Powerful Analytics

Voxco’s cloud call center software comes equipped with analytics tools that allow you to easily transform customer feedback and customer data into actionable insights. Create a visual story with your data and truly understand your customers. Learn more about our analytics software here.


Omnichannel feedback management capabilities

67% of customers will be willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Our cloud call center software can be easily leveraged to conduct CATI surveys and IVR surveys which can help you quantify your customer experience.

Productivity monitoring tools

Closely monitor your agents via live productivity dashboards and immediately make adjustments if required. Easily create customizable productivity reports that give insights into key areas.  

Outbound Call Center Equipment setup

Scalable Cloud Call Center Software

Got a high volume social research project on the cards? Voxco can help! The Siena College Research Institute (SRCI) leveraged our omnichannel platform to call over 3 million people and published LIVE results for the New York Times! 

Your call to success with Voxco’s cloud call center software

Better Customer Experiences

Reach your customers for feedback across multiple channels (Telephone, Online, Face-to-face) and get insights which can help improve customer experience and drive brand advocacy.

Single vendor advantage

All your call center needs is a single provider and licensing/support agreement – no compatibility issues whatsoever!

Scalable to meet changing demand

Businesses, and by extension, Call Centers face demand spikes. Voxco’s cloud call center software can be scaled up quickly to meet this rise in demand whenever required!

Inbound Call Center Equipment setup

Cloud Call Center Software for Patient Experience

Move beyond the limitations of HCAHPS surveys and deliver more patient-centric care with health care surveys powered by Cloud Call Center Software (Voxco CATI and IVR Software).  Phone surveys are extremely effective at overcoming demographic limitations and reaching patients of all age groups. Gather and implement feedback, improve your patient experience and get better STAR ratings with Voxco’s cloud call center software.

Read more about improving patient experience here!

Voxco Cloud Call Center Software features

Why Voxco?

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Best in class premium support

We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible support and guidance so that our clients can truly get the most from our platform.

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Tailor made hosting options

Whether it’s an on-premise hosting option or a custom SaaS hosting plan to meet your security and privacy requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Omnichannel reach

Cloud Call Center Software aside, our platform can empower you to reach your target audience across multiple channels.

TCPA Compliant

With Voxco’s TCPA Connect, US based survey call centers get access to a highly productive manual dialing environment. 

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Large scale studies for social research

Call Center Equipment is built to handle a high volume of calls, and that’s precisely what large scale social research studies often require. Read how Siena College leveraged Voxco’s platform to make over 3 million calls + 50,000 completed interviews during the 2018 midterm elections and published live results!

Why Voxco for your Call Center Equipment needs?

Premium support

Maximize your efficiency with best in class premium support and service that can help you get the most from Voxco.

Flexible hosting

To ensure your client data remains safe in accordance with your safety protocols, we provide flexible cloud-based SaaS and on-premise hosting solutions for your data.

Matchless Scalability

Voxco’s flexible Cloud Call Center Software can allow you to scale up with increase in demand, whenever you need it.

TCPA Compliance

US-based Call Centers can take advantage of Voxco’s TCPA Connect for a more productive manual dialing environment.


Cost-effective IVR surveys and messaging

Our State of the art IVR system gives you a cost-effective solution for managing your call queue as well as conducting self-completion surveys.

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