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Powerful features
In feature comparisons, Voxco beats the competition with call blending, in-call routing, IVR, flexible quota creation, and more.

Large or small projects
Flexible software and pricing help us work with the largest industry-leaders and the smallest phone survey centers.

Manual dialling compliance
Voxco TCPA Connect offers US survey call centers a distinct-manual dialling environment that’s actually productive.

Centralized multichannel
Manage phone surveys centrally, from a platform that is fully integrated with online and face-to-face surveys.

Single-vendor advantage
Imagine maintaining only one licensing/support agreement, and not having to rely on inter-system compatibility.

Better productivity
New clients report major improvements to hourly talk times (as high as 52 minutes) and overall project efficiency.

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Trusted by Top 50 Market Research firms & Global Brands in 30+ countries since 1976

Survey organizations around the world have maximized their phone survey ROI with the advanced features, hosting options, seamless telephony integration, and flexible pricing of our CATI software.

Dynamic survey design tools

Our telephone survey design tool is nearly limitless. Easily create highly complex surveys with advanced question types and multiple conditions.

Powerful phone survey software

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Integrated telephony system

Unlike most other computer-assisted telephone interviewing software, Voxco CATI can be seamlessly integrated with an entire own telephony system:

Sophisticated fieldwork management tools

In feature comparisons, Voxco CATI software comes out on top. Maximize response rates with fieldwork tools like time zone management, interviewer roles, and smoothing functions.

Multi-site and remote access flexibility

Reduce your call center’s costs by creating an optimal balance between site locations and home offices. Voxco CATI telephone survey software works across single and multiple call center sites.

Seamless multi-channel integration

Manage telephone surveys centrally, from a single platform that’s designed to optimize multi-mode studies. Increase respondent engagement with seamless integration of phone, online and offline survey channels.

Software transition services that minimize downtime

Our team works during off-hours and transitions interviewers and projects in batches to minimize downtime. We’re intimately familiar with competing software, and have fine-tuned our data transfer and survey replication processes to ensure data integrity.

4-in-1 Dialing Modes. Power, Predictive, Preview and Hybrid modes. Tailor your dialling method to each project.

Intelligent call detection. Automated filtering of bad call connections ensures that only valid calls get through to interviewers.

Increased productivity. Dialling software that dynamically adapts to call pacing to automatically forecast interviewer availability.

Voxco TCPA Connect. For US clients, we now offer a distinct manual-dialing solution for reaching mobile phone sample.

Voxco's Cloud Based Dialer: Total productivity for survey call centers

Why switch to Voxco?

Project deadlines are getting shorter and budgets are getting tighter. And yet, your survey team is slowed down by a clunky, unflexible phone survey system. Your system provider only gives poor and slow support. Your team’s productivity is less than what you need. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone – in the last 25+ years Voxco has helped hundreds of phone survey centers transition to a better solution:

Is your phone survey system failing you?

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Combine Voxco CATI mode with our cloud-based Dialer and Voxco IVR

Try Voxco CATI Software to increase productivity.
With Voxco IVR Survey System, maintain only one agreement.
With Voxco's centralized phone survey software, manage all phone surveys from one single platform.
Try Auto Dialer System which is TCPA compliant. Conduct automated telephone surveys using Voxco's auto dialer app easily.
Voxco's CATI survey software can handle projects of any size
Voxco Phone Survey Software has powerful features like call routing for better performance
Combine Voxco CATI survey software with Auto Dialer system &  IVR Survey Software for maximum productivity
Try Voxco's Cloud based Auto Dialer system along with auto dialer app for increased call connect time and intelligent call detection.

“ Healthcare regulations, patient privacy and an aging population make it vital for any healthcare organization to properly understand and support their patients and members. For us, it was critical to work with a supplier who could offer us an integrated phone, dialer, and IVR system that gave us the flexibility to create very complex and targeted outreach programs, in multiple languages. After a trial, we chose Voxco and have truly found an incredible partner, in both technology and services, to help us drive the growth in our healthcare services.”

Denise Hindle, CEO

DG Solutions chose Voxco’s advanced phone survey software because it enabled them to create robust calling programs that meet the complex requirements of the healthcare industry.

 Voxco's Phone survey software used by DG Solutions.

“I first chose Voxco at an MR firm and then again when I founded Precision Opinion, where we have 500 seats. I’ve used other data collection software, but no other phone survey system is as flexible or robust as Voxco’s. That’s why we’ve been a client for over 15 years.“

– Guthrie Rebel, Executive VP

Precision Opinion Relies on Voxco Phone Survey System

Voxco's Phone Survey System used by Precision Opinion
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Unparalleled functionality, flexibility & design

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