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You need quick but honest insights for your research. 

Voxco Audience has got you covered!

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professional respondents ready to answer your questions any time you want.


profiling and data points to build a targeted sample for your survey. 

We can support you to gather relevant information from your target audience. Use Voxco Audience to conduct studies on any topic – customer satisfaction, product feedback, brand perception, or more, and collect the information you need. 

We offer you our marketplace to select only those respondents who qualify your survey needs.

Build your sample

Select the demographic criteria based on what you need in your participants (basic and custom)

Build your sample

We also enable you to add quota, i.e., balance your sample on particular criteria. For example, 70 – Females & 30 – Males participants.

Limit your participants based on profiling points.

Build your sample

Limit survey participants based on 90+ profiling points. Collect responses from those who matter the most.

Build your sample

If you want a survey to only receive responses from the U.S., limit the survey to the U.S. This means respondents from outside the U.S. won’t be able to respond.

Build your sample

You can clone surveys for other countries, and for other sets of quotas. No need of creating surveys from scratch.

When you launch a survey using Voxco Audience, a survey invite is sent to the potential respondents. 

Build your sample

You can limit respondents from filling in similar surveys

Build your sample

If the quota for a survey is filled, respondents are automatically routed to a different survey.

You can monitor the progress of your survey live in the dashboard.

Build your sample

Response rate: Total complete, total terminate

Build your sample

Failed in Security checks: Screener, IP fail, LOI fail

Once your survey is complete, we notify you. You can evaluate the survey result and generate quality insights. 

Build your sample

Finding ideal and fitting respondents for a research panel is the most important factor for any business. It is the most decision element because an appropriate panel with suitable participants paves the way for greater and diverse insights which lead to data-driven decisions. 

It’s not about recruiting a large number of participants. It is about recruiting the right respondents who will offer you insightful and honest responses and help you see the bigger picture. 

Voxco Audience believes in empowering researchers with the right audience at the right time. With more than 10M loyal and trusted professionals who fit your survey requirement, Voxco Audience emphasizes improving research quality.

Voxco Audience is fully in compliance with GDPR. We ensure that the participants are thoroughly vetted and have given their consent during registration.

To preserve data quality we keep our panelist’s profiles updated.

With 60% of the proprietary sample from North America, Voxco Audience prioritizes the Quality of research and the Experience & Security of respondents.

  • Select right participants, Build interactive surveys, and Analyze data in real-time
  • Reduce survey time from months to hours
  • Access only loyal and verified respondents
  • Secure surveys by allocating unique links to qualified participants
  • Option to dedupe across surveys
  • Self-service, as well as, Managed-service
  • Save up to 20-30% on ad-hoc rate
Build your sample