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Over time dialers have evolved to ease the flow of work for contact centers. Traditionally, businesses had to upload contact lists for outbound campaigns. However, auto dialer software dials the number automatically which helps streamline the workflow of outbound contact centers.

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What is Auto Dialer Software?

Automated dialer software makes outbound calls automatically by pulling telephone numbers from a list of contacts. The dialer then connects the recipient with a live agent or a pre-recorded message. 

Auto dialers eliminate the need to manually dial each phone number from the list. This spares the contact center agent to focus on other tasks and on the content of the message. A wide variety of industries make use of auto dialer software such as – sales & marketing, health care, hospitality, and education.

What are the important Auto Dialer functionalities?

Auto dialers often require hardware such as a computer, active telephone line, and a voice modem. Some software providers allow businesses to host hardware into their product for free or a subscription. Other providers require them to buy and host the hardware themselves. 

Auto dialer software can 

  • integrate directly with existing CRM software of the center; or
  • built into telecom services or infrastructure software of the contact center

Auto dialer software offers an array of functionalities to take the load off of the representatives. Some of these features are common such as managing lists, initiating calls, and reporting data. Some other features that you should look for when selecting Auto Dialer Software are: 

Call Disposition: to track and report the result of a call

Call Recording: to assure the quality of call conversation

Answering Machine Detection: to screen and filter out calls that go to voicemails 

Call Scripting: to help agents with responses for commonly asked queries

Local Caller ID: to display local ID to contacts by setting desired location and caller ID when making calls

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software

  • Voxco
  • Talkdesk
  • Matrix
  • Genesys Cloud
  • Dialpad
  • Five9
  • RingCentral 
  • PhoneBurner
  • ChaseData
  • CallHub
  • Voicent
  • contactSPACE
  • Nice inContact 
  • Nextiva
  • Aircall

#1 – Voxco

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software1

With 25+ years of experience, Voxco is the leading Research Cloud software that provides Cloud-based and On-premise dialers to help you generate successful leads and provide excellent customer experience. Moreover, Voxco’s state-of-the-art telephony system can be integrated with Voxco’s CATI phone survey software

Voxco’s Dialer assures an improvement in the productivity of your call center by 50%. Be it work-from-home or call center agents Predictive dialing adjusts the pace of your call volume to match the availability of the agents. 

The software is built to handle the workload on any scale. It is TCPA compliant which enables your agents to reach customers on the telephone as well as mobile devices. You can easily integrate with the platform’s IVR to empower the callers with self-serve options. 

Voxco capabilities confirm a seamless flow of work – call recording & monitoring, call detection, intelligent call routing, and a blend of inbound & outbound calls. There are more advanced features that users can enjoy and take advantage of in Voxco. 

Single-system efficiency: Voxco dialer begins dialing depending on the rules set. There is no requirement for third-party dialer integration.

4-in-1 Dialer: Preview, Power, Predictive, and Hybrid dialing modes improve the quality and speed of the calls. The 4 modes of dialing also enable you to schedule the pattern of calls per project. 

Quality Control: You can monitor live calls for the purpose of quality assurance. You can also record calls to review them in the future.

  • DNC numbers are also immediately filtered out of the list.
  • Dialer dashboard allows supervisor to monitor productivity of each agent. You can track no. of calls handled, wrap-up time, pause and more. 

Advanced Telephony Features: It is a flexible outbound calling powerhouse that comes with features like call transfer, conferencing, and audio playback. 

  • Call blending
  • Skill set routing
  • Transfer and return calls

Compatible with Protocols: Voxco Dialer supports VoIP licenses and telephony cards. The dialer supports analog and IP phones. It also connects to SIP trunks or standard T1 or E1 lines. 

Flexible Pricing Options: Voxco offers flexible pricing models which are based on the requirements of organizations

#2 – Talkdesk

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software2

Talkdesk offers solutions through a single platform and helps contact centers reduce customer support costs. The software empowers a contact center with its customizable and future-proof design, helping businesses to improve customer satisfaction. 

The platform has an intuitive interface and offers more than 60 integrations all in one place. It provides features such as: AI, analytics, workforce engagement, customer engagement and enterprise collaboration. 

Talldesk offers multiple features to help you support your agents in the best way possible:

  • Talldesk uses IVR (interactive voice response), ACD (automatic call distribution), and skill-based routing to ensure that calls only get routed to the most qualified agents who can meet the customer’s needs. 
  • The platform empowers the agent by displaying the caller’s name, contact history, and all relevant data on the agent’s screen in real-time. This way contact centers can support their agents to deliver a personalized experience. 
  • The software automatically sets up a new profile when a new customer calls. 
  • Talldesk comes with all needed features – call monitoring, call recording, and real-time reporting.

With its value for money, the software is easy to use for the agents. It offers three packages – Professional, Professional Plus, and Enterprise. 

#3 - Matrix

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software3

Matrix auto dialer is built to suit contact centers of any size. The auto dialer software integrates with tools like CRM applications, landing pages, contact lists, and affiliate sites to improve productivity. You can also integrate your business tools using the platform’s API. 

Matrix also offers many features to streamline the workflow:

  • The software allows you to prioritize and improve your agent’s productivity with its reminders and callback calendars personalized for individual agents. 
  • The real-time dashboard allows managers to track the agents and their performance. You can see which agents are on call, duration, or waiting on calls. 
  • The automated triggers allow you to set up triggers to inform you whenever a lead converts into a customer. 
  • Matrix also provides features such as internal chat, call recording, blended inbound & outbound calls, warm transfers, wrap-up time, and more. 

#4 – Genesys Cloud CX Software

Genesys Cloud is designed as an all-in-one cloud contact center to ensure that your agents can serve the customers with an exceptional experience. The auto dialer software is easy-to-use and with its intuitive interface, it helps boost agent’s performance. 

Genesys Cloud offers several features to prioritize customer’s experience and agent productivity;

  • Voice and digital channels allow agents to contact customers on their preferred channels.
  • IVR empowers callers with a self-serve option like speech recognition and touch.
  • Outbound calling – predictive, power, preview and more dialing mode- assures that agents can reach more customers and generate successful leads
  • It also empowers your agents with multichannel recording, workforce management, quality management, and more features. 

#5 – DialpadSupport

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software5

Dialpad is a cloud-based contact center that uses AI to empower agents with real-time customer insights. The software offers integration with Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and more to help users onboard quickly. 

Dialpad uses Voice Intelligence to monitor conversation with call transcription and live customer sentiment. 

Dialpad Support offers free calls to Canada and the US. There are two packages- Pro and Enterprise

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

#6 - Five9

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software6

Five9 is a cloud contact center software providing solutions to over 2000 businesses worldwide. The platform is powered by Practical AI which enables your agents to provide customer experience via preferred channels – phone, chat, social media, email, and more. 

  • The auto dialer software supports a wide variety of dialing modes- predictive, preview, progress, power dialing mode, and more. 
  • Five9 pulls callers’ information from your CRM and displays it on the agent’s screen before and during the call to help the agent offer personalized communication. 
  • The platform integrates with leading CRM packages like Salesforce, NetSuite, and Oracle. It also supports a blending of inbound and outbound calls. 

Pricing in Five9 depends on the number of users, seats, and features used. Moreover, you can choose an annual or a month-to-month plan. 

#7 – Ring Central

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software7

RingCentral is a cloud-based communication that offers communication across multiple channels to streamline the workflow. The platform ensures that agents can provide a personalized experience to every caller. 

You can integrate any CRM or other back-end system with the software’s API to receive detailed information on the caller. The platform enables automatic display of caller’s past interactions, purchase history, ticket status, and more. 

  • Powered by inContact it offers ACD, IVR, CTI, auto dialer, and PBX. 
  • It also offers advanced routing to allow customers to self-solve their issues and skill-based call routing. 
  • You can track agent’s performance, KPIs, and customer experience with real-time dashboards.
  • Leverage its Workforce Management, and schedule each agent’s schedule according to traffic, volume, training, and vacations. 

RingCentral offers four packages based on per user for every month: Essential ($19.99), Standard ($27.99), Premium ($34.99), and Ultimate ($49.99). 

#8 – PhoneBurner

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software8

PhoneBurner is a cloud-based software and can be accessed from anywhere by using its VoIP dialing. You can log in from your own computer and contact customers from the connected phone. 

PhoneBurner offers various features to empower remote employees:

  • Power Dialer
  • Lead management
  • Workflow management
  • Email follow-up
  • Dedicated admin portal
  • Real-time reports and leaderboards

PhoneBurner makes it easy for you to manage contact lists and campaigns with its integrated sales CRM. It can also integrate your own CRM with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, and more. The platform also offers a wide range of features such as call recording, call transfer, voicemail drop, one-touch emails, local ID tracking, email tracking, and many more. 

There are three packages, price per user and per month: Standard ($126), Professional ($152), and Premium ($169). 

#9 – ChaseData

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software9

ChaseData is built to support outbound, inbound, and blended contact centers. It is a cloud-based standalone contact center with customer support and service pre-built in the software. 

  • ChaseData includes different dialing modes – auto, predictive, preview, and progressive dialing. It also includes ACD to ensure that calls are routed based on language preference, skill, and training of the agent. 
  • The software offers security settings at the management level which allows managers to track campaigns. 
  • The auto-dialer software catalogs digital calls on the server for at least 90 days. This enables agents to review the calls later if required. The admin also has access to all the calls. 

ChaseData offers three packages per user/month: Small Business ($89), Professional ($139), and Enterprise ($169). 

#10 - CallHub

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software10

CallHub offers four auto-dialing modes to match requirements for every call – Predictive, Power, Preview, and Robo Dialer. Along with contact center solutions, it also offers Voice Broadcasting software and SMS Marketing software. 

CallHub offers the following features to make the most out of the auto-dialer software:

  • Local Caller ID
  • Schedule follow-ups at a convenient time
  • Monitor and join the live call for quality assurance
  • Enable DNC or modify DNC list
  • Skip over answering machine
  • Screen and eliminate outdated and non-existence numbers. 
  • Segment telephone and mobile numbers

CallHub allows you to pay as you go, the pricing starts at $0.021 per call. 

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# 11 – Voicent

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software11

Voicent is a cloud-based call center that comes with a built-in CRM. The auto-dialer software supports both inbound and outbound calls. 

It comes with an automation feature that helps streamline the workflow and track calls, campaigns, and customers. 

  • The auto dialer software enables your agents to deliver pre-recorded audio messages to your contact lists. 
  • Agents can also leave messages on answering machines in their own voice or computer-generated voice. 
  • Voicent also consists of features that involve text to speech to send out personalized messages. It offers – auto, predictive, preview, and progressive dialer- for the call requirement of your agents. 

Voicent presents a package that begins with $19 for unlimited calls based on per user per month pricing. 

#12 – contactSPACE

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software12

The contactSPACE, a cloud-based call center, is easy to deploy that comes with three dialing modes-predictive, progressive, and preview- to make outbound calling more efficient. 

It is a flexible software that contains target filtering to allow agents to sort call recipients. It also allows admins to categorize prospective customers to match the skill of the agents. With its Dashboard designer, you can monitor the agent’s performance in real-time. 

contactSPACE presents four packages for its clients:

  • Siler tier $105 per user/month
  • Gold tier $139 per user/month
  • Platinum tier $175 per user/month
  • Diamond tier $239 per user/month

#13 – Nice in Contact

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software13

Nice inContact helps contact centers to maximize the quality of leads and put customers first. The cloud-based contact center displays features for inbound support requests. It helps agents to communicate with the customers using multiple channels – calls, emails, chats, social media, and more. 

Nice inContact offers other features such as:

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Blended Predictive Dialing
  • Call Recording
  • CRM integration
  • IVR 
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • The platform also offers workforce optimization – e-learning, workforce management, and hiring. 

Any information for the pricing package is not available on their website.

#14 – Nextiva

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software14

Nextiva uses Go Integrator to help connect your CRM with its software. The platform supports integration with popular CRMs such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc. that helps streamline outbound calls for your contact center. 

While Nextiva is not a true auto dialer software provider, you can still take advantage of effective tools to streamline your outbound calls. 

Nextiva offers tools that match the capabilities of auto dialers, such as; 

  • Its flagship VoIP platforms allow voice & video calling, texting, faxing, and team chat, to improve performance and results.
  • Click to Dial: Your reps can dial directly from the contact list uploaded in your CRM. Moreover, because of the flawless data harmonization with your CRM, your reps receive detailed information on each call they handle. 
  • Contact Popping: The feature displays all the relevant details of the caller by pulling it out from your CRM.
  • You can easily segment lists in your CRM or you can split lists in other CRMs offered by the software to streamline outbound calls. 

Nextiva’s Professional package costs depending on the number of users ranging from $21.95 to $27.95 per user every month. For contact centers using CRM like Oracle or Service Now, you should opt for the Enterprise package. 

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

#15 – Aircall

Top 15 Auto Dialer Software15

Aircall is an easy to set up and use, cloud-based business phone for sales and customer support teams. 

The auto dialer software helps reduce agent’s workload with its Power Dialer, click-to-dial, and more cloud features. With its skill-based routing, IVR, and live call monitoring capabilities it ensures that you offer an exceptional customer experience. 

It also enables call centers to integrate with CRM, Helpdesk solutions, and other required applications. Moreover, the cloud-based system keeps the remote teams connected with the call center. It allows agents to work from anywhere in the world. 

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