Automatic Call Distribution

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What is Automatic Call Distribution?

Contact center quality assurance is the process by which supervisors can observe their agents’ performance to track if the call is up to the contact centers’ requirement and expectations. Effective quality assurance software allows call center management to quickly discover issues within their teams through proactive monitoring of interactions between customers and their agents. 

Automatic Call Distribution1

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Features of an Automatic Call Distributor

The following are a few features that ACDs have:

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Benefits of Using Automatic Call Distribution in Call Centers

How does Automatic call Distribution work?

What are different Automatic Call Distribution mechanisms?

There are many different way in which calls can be routed to agents, and these are a few:

Circular Call Distribution:

Based on a predetermined list, calls are distributed to agents. This process is on a loop and once the list is exhausted, it will begin again from the start of the list.

Uniform Call Distribution:

This method involves calls being directed to agents who have been idle the longest time.

Linear Call Distribution:

In this method, calls are distributed in order to agents based on a predetermined list.

Weighted Call Distribution:

Calls will be routed to agents that are available based on predetermined percentages assigned to each agent (known as configurable weighting).

Simultaneous Call Distribution:

In Simultaneous Call Distribution, calls are routed to all available agents and the first one to answer will handle the call.

Why use Voxco for Automatic Call Distribution?

Efficient Call Monitoring Tools 

Voxco Dialer facilitates efficient quality control with access to a sundry of listening and recording options. Calls can be fully or partially recorded and can even be live monitored by supervisors. Additionally, supervisors can use whisper mode to interact with agents on call without the customer hearing this interaction.

Integrated Telephony System 

Voxco CATI can be seamlessly integrated with a telephony system of your choice. It can also be easily integrated with Voxco Dialer and Voxco IVR, each having their own set of features that can greatly improve the quality of service at your contact center. 

IVR Software

Voxco’s Interactive Voice Response system can accurately route customers to agents best suited to address their concern. Additionally, the use of IVR ensures your call center is accessible to clients even outside working hours as its automated response system can give callers information even when agents are not working.

Cloud Dialer – allows 4 in 1 dialing modes 

Voxco Dialer gives you access to four different dialing modes. Preview mode allows agents to review the case before manual dialing. Power mode auto dials customers when the agent is available. Predictive more autodials depending on forecasted agent availability. The last mode, Hybrid mode, facilitates using multiple dialing modes in one study.

Enhanced Call Routing Mechanisms 

Inbound calls to the contact center are routed to agents using intelligent call routing mechanisms. Calls are routed based on agent skills and availability, ensuring the right agent is connected to the right caller.

Advanced Workflow Management 

Voxco CATI facilitates advanced workflow management, maximizing response rates with fieldwork tools such as time zone management, interviewer roles, and smoothing functions.

Automatic Call Distribution2

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Why Voxco for Automatic Call Distributor?

Voxco CATI offers an excellent automatic call distribution when coupled with Voxco IVR and Dialer.

When respondents call into your CATI telephone survey center, Voxco IVR lets you immediately address it. If no interviewer is available, the Voxco IVR survey software gives respondents the option to hold for the next general agent or to reschedule – or you can add a custom option.

Voxco Dialer is a state-of-the-art telephony system that plugs in easily with your phone survey software. It works dynamically with the rhythm of your call center to improve productivity by almost 50%.

Voxco Dialer automatically detects busy signals, no answer, not in service and answering machines. It automatically filters out bad connections so that only successful connections are dispatched. Its powerful analytical system works on both signal and sound analysis.

FAQs on Automatic Call Distribution

Answer: ACD systems and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) have a lot of similarities. However, ACD is more advanced than IVR and often includes IVR as one of its features. The main difference between the two is that IVR is designed to route calls based on caller selection, whereas ACD distribution is based on pre-defined rules according to the company’s specific requirements.

Answer: ACDs rely on a skills-based routing engine that can route voice and digital interactions to the right agent. The engine intelligently routes customers to agents based on factors such as customer data, agent skills, real-time contact center performance, and more.

Answer: Sometimes, callers may not want to wait in a call queue and instead prefer to call back. With ACD’s automatic call back feature, callers can request the facility to call them back to be directly connected to an agent instead of waiting in the call queue.

Answer: There are many reasons for which an organization may choose to employ the use of an ACD system. Some common reasons are:

  • Their call center has high call traffic.
  • They want to handle inbound calls outside business hours as well.
  • They want to automate responses for repetitive queries/FAQs.

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