The best Qualtrics Alternative with more flexibility & better pricing!

Explore a better Qualtrics alternative with flexible hosting options, fully integrated omni channel survey platform with advanced features that fits your budget! 

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See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

Why should you evaluate Qualtrics Alternatives?

Get a better Qualtrics alternative with an advanced set of features, great customer service and flexible hosting all at a better price! Get access to drag and drop survey builder, advanced survey design suite, sophisticated survey analysis platform and an option to conduct CATI, IVR, Offline and Online surveys using one single integrated platform.   

Voxco Survey Software is the perfect option for survey researchers looking for a better Qualtrics alternative for many reasons.

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Omnichannel reach

Omnichannel Surveys

Qualtrics does not have a fully native solution for omnichannel surveys. They currently use Sawtooth for phone surveys and patch it along with their online offering. Comparing it to Voxco, which has a completely integrated CATI, IVR, Offline and Online surveys offerings which allows for efficient collection of survey responses in a single database.

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Flexible Pricing

Qualtrics products fall in the higher price range for most of the businesses and they have tiered pricing, which means, you end up paying for some features you would not use. Apart from them, support, training and expert guidance are added on features which are priced separately. Voxco Survey Software has flexible pricing options which allow businesses to pay only for the features that they use.

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Global 24x7 Support

Qualtrics provides email and live chat support for their customers. For the mid-size businesses with specific queries, Qualtrics promotes their research services which adds on to the project costs. Every Voxco client has an assigned Account manager who caters to their every requirement, an expert technical team available on call 24x7 for any resolution and a library of rich documentation to clear all queries.

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Flexible Hosting Options

Qualtrics is a completely cloud based solution and does not offer an on-premise hosting option for data storage. On-premise data storage can enable organizations to get a complete handle of their data and prevent data tampering and improve the security. Voxco provides both cloud and on-premise hosting options for organizations.


Complete White Label Solution

Qualtrics branding cannot be removed completely from the surveys (a footer backlink or the domain remains). Additional CSS changes to remove the branding are not recommended which makes it difficult to get completely custom branded surveys. Voxco allows for end to end customization of the surveys with a complete white label solution. You can create custom branded themes, survey branding, custom email domain, landing pages and much more.


Personalized Training

Qualtrics offers on-demand live training for additional cost ($$) and they also have XM Basecamp which has pre-recorded interactive training content. On the other hand, every Voxco client gets a rigorous personalized training session for their teams to use Voxco survey software to the fullest. 

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Shift from Qualtrics to Voxco in 3 simple steps

Schedule a call with our team

Help our team understand your requirements and start the process of setting up your account for you. Book a call now!

Migrate your data

Our team will provide complete assistance with importing your complete data from your Qualtrics account to your new account. 

Live Training

Get personalized demo from our team on how to use Voxco survey software effectively.

See how Voxco compares with Qualtrics

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Why is Voxco the best Qualtrics alternative?


User Friendly Platform

Create attractive and engaging surveys in an user friendly, easy to learn and intuitive survey platform. With drag and drop, create the most sophisticated surveys in minutes.


Custom Code Questions

Cannot find the question type? Create your own question type with a custom HTML question option. Use your own logic and ask relevant questions.

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24x7 Global Support

Voxco provides personalized training sessions, onboarding assistance and exceptional customer service around the clock. Depending on the client requirements, our team also provides scripting and programming assistance. 

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Deliver Exceptional business value with Voxco

Improve NPS®, reduce churn, and enhance customer satisfaction with Voxco. As an omnichannel cloud enterprise feedback management solution, Voxco enables you to conduct online & mobile surveys, over-the-phone interviews & face-to-face offline surveys seamlessly.

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Go Deep & Wide with Voxco!

Unlike piecemeal market solutions that lack either the deep functionality or the flexibility (multiple modes) necessary to conduct sophisticated survey research across channels, our integrated product suite allows you to conduct the same effortlessly on every channel. Our centralized dashboard allows for centralized survey authoring & ensures you get a single unified view of all your data which stays in one place irrespective of how you survey respondents.


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