What is an online survey software?

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Online survey software solutions that enable you to create, run, and analyze a wide range of surveys to collect actionable data from your customers. You can either host these surveys on your websites or send them out to your users via emails.

Most of the online survey softwares is based on a SaaS (software as a service) mode. This is actually the reason these softwaresa are so convenient and user-friendly for most users.

Businesses aiming to become customer-centric, need to have complete control over data in the form of customer feedback. An online survey software is an innovative and easy-to-use platform that helps create customer feedback surveys with little effort.

Common types of online surveys

  • Cart abandonment surveys are most useful for e-commerce businesses that want to find out the reasons for their users to leave the checkout process without finishing the order.
  • Product feedback surveys are appropriate for businesses to gauge their product/market fit. The most ideal time to run these surveys is after you have created a product prototype.
  • Market research surveys are most useful for marketing departments to determine what future products or features the company should develop in order to address clients’ expectations as best as possible.
  • Customer service feedback surveys are used to gauge the effectiveness of a businesses’ customer service team.

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What makes Voxco the best online survey software company?

Voxco’s leading omnichannel survey software helps conduct sophisticated online, telephonic, and face-to-face surveys conveniently. Here’s why Voxco’s online survey software will be a perfect fit for all your needs:
  • Voxco’s powerful and flexible online survey software will equip you with a wide range of question types and formats most appropriate for you to create the type of feedback survey that you want to create.
  • With Voxco, you get best-in-class question options to create all kinds of surveys including customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, product experience (PX) surveys, employee experience (EX) surveys, NPS® surveys, patient experience (PX) surveys and tons of other surveys for different industry and business verticals.
  • It lets you collect customer feedback from different mediums and online channels like social media, email, web surveys or pop-ups.
  • Voxco’s analytics empowers you to analyze your survey data with live dashboards, in-depth reporting and perform complex statistical analysis.

How do online survey software work?

The Internet provides anonymity. This anonymity is what makes it an ideal and comfortable environment for asking your customers what their perceptions about your product or services.

You can create your online survey using online survey software by going through these simple steps:

Decide on your survey objectives

Set clear survey objectives and outline the survey flow before you proceed with your list of survey questions. Covering too many topics might possibly result in an overstuffed survey. It’s best if you keep your survey focused by forming a clear picture of your survey objectives and your audience in your mind.

Create the survey

While creating your online survey, ensure to keep it short. Include only the most relevant questions to avoid survey fatigue and make sure the questions are engaging enough for your respondents. Personalizing your survey questions will lead to higher response rates. Consider throwing a mix of different types of questions in your survey like open questions, closed questions, matrix table questions, and single- or multi-response questions.

Invite participants

Now is the time to share your survey and identify the best channels to do so. Figure out your target audience i.e the people who you want to take part in your surveyWith Voxco online survey software, you can share surveys via social media channels like Facebook, share a web link of your survey, or embed it as a widget. You can even send it via emails or SMS.

Analyze results

At this step, you need to monitor and analyze all the collected responses to gain meaningful insights from them. Voxco Survey Analytics software enables easy visualization your data with the help of charts, graphs, text analysis and word clouds. Pick out common response trends to uncover certain patterns for further analysis.

Take action

The final step involves

  • Writing a report explaining your findings and whether they have met your research goals, and
  • Reaching out to your unsatisfied customers and closing the feedback loop

This step will provide you with reliable answers to the questions you had about your business or offerings, thereby enabling you to take data-driven decisions.

Where is online survey software used?

Online survey software has multiple use cases such as in business domain, organizations, marketing domain, healthcare, and education field, to name a few.

These are just a few areas where online survey software is used:

Employee Feedback

Online survey software comes handy to organizations that want to create and run 360-degree feedback surveys on their employees to gather their feedback and ensure to keep them engaged and satisfied. After all, happy employees make customers happier.

Using employee pulse surveys and exit interviews, you can conduct workplace-health checks and identify any possible flaws that might be making your employees unhappy.

Customer Experience

Online survey software is also used by businesses to create customer feedback surveys that help collect and analyze customer’s thoughts and preferences. With customer pulse surveys and routine NPS® surveys, you can understand customer perceptions and expectations.

Campus Experience

Educational institutes create student feedback surveys, teacher evaluation surveys and parent satisfaction surveys using sophisticated online survey software to understand the thoughts of students, teachers, and parents to improve the quality of teaching and enhance the facilities offered.

Marketing & Lead Generation

The role of online survey software in the marketing domain is indispensable. Businesses use online survey tools to capture lead information, embed contact forms, gather user feedback, assess user experience, etc.

Market Research

From market research to academic research, online survey software proves to be of much help in any and every kind of research and thesis work. Brands consider conducting market research before launching any new product in the market.

Patient Experience

Healthcare institutions use online survey software to collect patient feedback and doctor feedback with the aim to improve the quality of healthcare services and facilities provided to their patients. 

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What are the benefits of using an online survey software?

Online survey softwares are popular because they make life easy for both the survey creators and the survey takers i.e the respondents.

The top benefits of using an online survey software are listed below:

Smart Alternative

Unlike traditional paper and postal surveys that usually take a hefty amount of time for printing, distribution, data collection and analysis, online survey software proves to be a smarter and faster alternative to reach the target audience and acquire the required feedback from respondents.

Easy to use

The user-friendliness of online survey software makes them usable for anyone, without relying on IT teams. The unlimited design flexibility and personalization features make these tools hassle-free and quick to configure.


Unlike traditional pen and paper surveys that require reprinting the entire batch if you need to change something, an online survey software eliminates this problem entirely. Forget additional printing costs, wastage of time and resources, or needing a representative to administer your survey.

Real Time Analysis

Analyzing and drawing insights from a stack of paper forms is pretty challenging. It’s even harder when it comes to telephonic surveys because the chances of miscommunication increase there.

Online survey software provides actionable insights and exportable reports using its powerful dashboard with advanced filters, cross-tabulation, and question-wise drill down. Analyzing collected data in real-time from a central dashboard is seamless in this case.

High Quality responses

The enhanced readability, engagement and presentation for surveys that online survey software provides, leads to higher survey response and completion rates. Lifeless check-boxes on dull paper backgrounds do not help much in gathering honest opinion on your customers. 

Online surveys are usually convenient to answer and since they allow respondents to answer anonymously, respondents are more truthful in their feedback.


Online survey software has absolutely transformed the way surveys are conducted today. Whether it is about the experience at a restaurant or feedback on a company’s customer service, online surveys can help you collect data that you can mine to improve your customer’s experiences.

The software market today is flooded with a myriad of online survey software options that cater to different business needs. It’s best you pick one that is omnichannel, flexible, maximizes ways for you to reach your respondents, and provides powerful analytics features.