What is a survey tool?

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A survey tool lets you conduct high-quality surveys for your business. This tool is responsible for automating the entire survey development process, i.e from survey creation to implementation to maintenance and safety to updates. It lets you conduct your survey either within your in-house data servers or securely in the cloud. A survey tool is popular for empowering brands with ease and flexibility when it comes to creating a relevant survey for their business.

A look inside the features of a survey tool

Omnichannel capabilities

Be it online surveys, face-to-face interviews, or telephonic surveys – all of them are equally good for fetching insights that are crucial for the growth of a business. A robust survey tool should be able to gather insightful data across various channels and integrate results in a centralized dashboard. 

Best-in-class Analytics

Voxco survey tool is power-packed with an extensive set of analytics that plays a key role in making the most of the survey data. This is enriched with advanced and powerful reporting capabilities that allow you to create custom reports that can be presented to different stakeholders.  

Drag and drop functionality

Survey creation usually seems like a tricky process, but with Voxco’s drag and drop functionality, it becomes more seamless than ever. All you need to do is drag your selected question type and simply drop it into the survey flow. Developing surveys was never this easy!

Real-time results

Voxco’s high-performing survey tool helps you gain accurate and relevant feedback in real-time, thereby empowering you to make informed decisions on time. This plays a key role during the testing of a product or feature that needs to be reversed.

Simplified distribution

Irrespective of the survey type you conduct, the accuracy of your survey results relies on the number of individuals you’re likely to target. With the Voxco survey tool, you can distribute surveys via email, SMS, push notifications, etc. to easily reach out to your intended audience.

Ultimate Security

Voxco survey tool is known for providing top-notch security with seamless integration into your existing data infrastructure. With absolutely no risks of data tampering, it ensures optimal performance by maintaining the desired efficiency across all times.

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Why choose Voxco?

Premium Support

Voxco is known for delivering 24*7 extensive support and guidance to help clients resolve issues quickly and truly make the most of their surveys

One Unified Solution

With Voxco, you stay away from the fuss that comes up with multiple vendors as it’s a single provider that offers a support/licensing agreement for different kinds of surveys. 

Regulation Compliance

Be it GDPR, HIPAA, or TCPA – Voxco’s advanced and state-of-the-art omnichannel solutions ensure that the compliance requirements are easily met for seamless survey operations.

Cost-effective Licensing

Voxco is known for offering both cloud and on-premise deployment options at great prices that can comfortably fit the defined research budgets of various sizes.

Why use Voxco Survey Tool?

Solicit feedback from your audience no matter where they are

Wherever you want to collect data, our survey tool can help. From sharing the link of a detailed email survey to sending it over text message (SMS) or conducting it offline, the Voxco survey tool empowers you to reach your respondents anywhere, anytime

Collect feedback from the right set of people

Leverage the Voxco Survey tool to seamlessly customize your surveys according to the target audience. Collect the right feedback from the right people across every critical touchpoint in their journey to drive conversions. Offering a personalized digital experience was never so effortless! 

An extensive survey tool that you need

From simple questionnaires to detailed research surveys focused on experience management solutions, the Voxco survey tool has got you covered! Our survey tool offers exceptional survey solutions for projects ranging from market research to customer experience, employee experience, patient experience, and brand experience.  

Voxco Survey Tool - An all-in-one solution for your needs

Customer Experience

Gather actionable data from customers and transform every touchpoint into a positive experience. Get ready to anticipate & embrace customer trends for creating a compelling customer experience.

Employee Experience

Attracting and retaining top talent has become simple. Gain data-driven insights for boosting employee satisfaction and maximizing their productivity. Create an employee-centric workplace that promotes growth.

Patient Experience

Leverage our survey tool to accurately measure, analyze, as well as improve the patient experience. Uncover the key drivers behind patient behavior and determine their pain points by capturing the required feedback.

Market Research

Collect data, measure responses, and uncover insights for directing your brand’s future strategies. Analyze the perceptions of your target audience and anticipate market trends in advance to ensure success. 

Social Research

Use our robust survey tool to effortlessly create surveys that gather high-quality data in the social research space. Ensure maximal social impact through powerful scripting options & secure handling of large data sets!

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