MachineCon2019 – KeyNote by Actify Data Labs

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An agile approach to expedite the “Data” to “Dollar” Journey

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is possibly the most widely discussed technology trend which is seen as a new age invention to solve important business and social problems. In most cases, machine intelligence is being used as a supplement to human decision making, thereby “augmenting” human intelligence. In this context Augmented Intelligence (the other AI) is proving to be more critical rather than Artificial Intelligence. Augmented Intelligence is also critical in considering the real-life constraints in leveraging machine intelligence within business context.

Business leaders look at Augmented Intelligence (AI) as the next competitive edge to drive incremental top-line or bottom-line impact in their organisations. However, the path from “Data” to “Dollars” (business benefits) is time-intensive and full of challenges. Like an iceberg, the steps that require significant time and effort are mostly hidden under the water. Hence, the process of generating “Dollars” from “Data” appears exceptionally slow and frustrating to most business leaders.

What if, we could navigate the entire data-to-dollar path in an agile manner? What if, we could get a data lake up and running in less than 15 days and create data marts in less than 30 days and have models implemented within 45 days? And last but not the least what if we could empower the business managers to do all the above themselves?

The Actify Data Labs session will outline the agile approach and the tools needed for generating “Dollars” from “Data” at an extremely fast pace. And illustrate the same with a case study for consumer businesses within the Indian context.


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