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With Voxco’s Virtual Call Center software, deliver exceptional customer experiences along with seamless, secure cloud-based connectivity. Improve agent, respondent, and supervisor experience along with call center productivity with user-friendly software. 

What is a Virtual Call Center Software?

A virtual call center has remote agents/interviewers instead of a typical call center where they’re all located in the same building. Your virtual agents are working from the comfort and convenience of their homes. This reduces call center costs as the entire software is hosted in the cloud, and there is no maintenance of hardware equipment. 

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How to shift from a traditional call center to using Virtual Call center software?

To shift from traditional call centers to virtual call center software, you need to perform the following steps

Set up a Call Forward

Set up a call forward to redirect to Voxco’s virtual number. 

Set up an automatic call workflow

Set up the rules and workflow for incoming and outgoing calls. Setup dashboard views for the supervisors.

Route calls to the experienced agents

With automatic call routing, route the calls to remote agents.

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Why is Virtual Call Center software better than traditional call centers?

Compared to a traditional call center, virtual call centers can help save costs and allow businesses to scale up their services to meet the demand. Take a look at the benefits of using virtual contact center software instead of a traditional call center.

Why should you use Virtual Call Center Software?

Complete Flexibility - distribute workload seamlessly between work from agents and call centers!

Combine output from work at home agents and on-premise agents seamlessly with a VIrtual call center software solution that does all the heavy lifting for you. The omnichannel capability allows for communicating with your customers across multiple channels with intuitive dashboards relaying data from all sources whenever you need it.

Improved project automation

Automated Dialing

Fully or partially automated dialing modes ensure there’s no need for manual dialing unless your agents need to. Learn more about dialer automation here.

Customizable dialing algorithms

Voxco’s cloud dialer has its foundations on intelligent calling algorithms designed for seamless blending of inbound and outbound calls.

Single system peace of mind

With Voxco’s Virtual Call Center Software, there’s no need to worry about interaction issues with third-party dialers. Voxco Dialer starts dialing based on your predefined rules from the word go.

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Improve Virtual Call Center Productivity

Deliver better customer service consistently, optimize call center operations to help improve overall customer experience and customer satisfaction at critical touchpoints.

Minimize downtime

Instant connections

Voxco’s call center software can instantly connect callers with live agents – no system does it faster.

Don’t let wrong numbers slow you down.

Voxco Dialer seamlessly cleans your call list out of service numbers, ensuring that time isn’t wasted on bad calls.

Dynamic adjust to current call scenarios.

Maximize productivity while reducing dropped calls. Voxco Dialer dynamically adjusts the rate at which your calls are placed based on changes to the answer rate.

Learn more about improving Virtual Call Center productivity here.

Flexible Dialing Modes

Preview Mode

Our Virtual Call Center software can automatically push phone numbers onto agents’ displays, allowing them to review each case. Agents can instruct the dialer to place the call or manually dial when ready. 

Predictive mode

Predictive mode is a fully automated dialing mode that constantly adjusts the dialing rate based on an ongoing prediction of agent availability. This allows call centers to maximize call productivity and lowers dropped calls.


Learn more about advanced Virtual Call Center Software telephony features here.


Power mode

The power mode is a fully automated non-predictive dialing mode with the dial rate set to prevent dropped calls. Outgoing calls are based on agent availability, enabling you to balance zero-drop rates with high productivity.

Manual Dialing

With Voxco TCPA Connect, US-based call centers get access to 4 manual dialing deployment scenarios, which can help improve productivity via integrated call monitoring, accurate statistics, and automated distribution.

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Better monitoring to improve organizational efficiency

Real-time dashboards with live insights

Voxco’s Virtual Call Center Software comes equipped with an intuitive dashboard that provides a live feed on agent productivity. Gauge how much time your agents spend on activities like talking, pauses, number of calls handled, and more.

Real-time does not call list filtration.

Voxco Dialer gives call centers another level of control over phone numbers that can’t be called or contacted. Our dialer seamlessly filters our DNC numbers. 

Live project productivity

Get live insights into how individual agents and projects are faring with details like the average delay between calls, drop rates, call distribution, talk time per hour and more.

Integrated communication Channels

Omnichannel availability 

Virtual call center software enables your support or survey research to be present on all channels like email, social media, live chat, phone, or other online channels. This provides the respondents or customers multiple channels to interact with your brand. 

Seamless Customer Experience 

With omnichannel presence allows agents to shift between the channels while resolving customer queries seamlessly. With a virtual contact center software, agents can access the customer history across channels and provide quicker resolution with requipped knowledge.


Automatic workflow management 

Virtual call center software allows advanced scheduling options to forecast the workload and optimize the call routing for maximum efficiency. The call routing can be set on variables like the agent’s call experience, customer’s requests, or the equippedagent’s seniority.  

Advanced IVR setting 

Advanced IVR settings can allow your virtual call center to put custom on-hold music, generate automatic recap emails or provide an efficient self-service option.

Leverage Virtual Call Center Software for feedback management

CATI Surveys

Conduct one-to-one surveys and get actionable insights into your customer experience with your brand. Manage research projects of any scale and integrate Voxco CATI surveys with your preferred telephony system.

IVR Surveys

Class-leading IVR software can help manage the workload in your call center and conduct cost-effective self-completion surveys. Respondents can quickly answer questions with their keypad, fetching useful data about your operations.

Omnichannel survey management

Voxco’s omnichannel survey platform can help your business gather feedback from all channels, enabling you to get a holistic picture about how customers’ feel about your brand. Our Virtual Call Center Software will take care of telephone surveys, and seamlessly sync data with findings from online and face to face surveys.

Why Voxco for your Virtual Call Center Software needs?

Comprehensive feature set

Voxco IVR, Cloud-dialer and CATI software can give you the edge over the competition, with powerful features such as call blending, flexible quotas in-call routing and more!

Manual Dialing

With Voxco TCPA connect, US based call centers have access to a productive manual dialing environment. Learn more about Voxco TCPA connect here.

Matchless Scalability

Voxco’s flexible Virtual Call Center Software can allow you to scale up with increase in demand, whenever you need it.

Single Vendor Advantage

With Voxco, there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues with other telephony systems and third-party dialers. A single provider and support/licensing agreement will be all you need!

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