Unlocking Customer Happiness & Elevating Satisfaction With CSAT Survey Too

Design customer experiences that meet their expectations and enrich customer satisfaction. 

→ Design surveys asking the right questions to get honest feedback

→ Uncover the driving factors of customer satisfaction 

→ Trigger surveys at moments that matter

→ Extract insights in real-time to take actions promptly

Unlocking Customer Happiness & Elevating Satisfaction With CSAT Survey Tool Response rate calculator

A sophisticated CSAT survey tool for a comprehensive research

Understand how well you are meeting customers’ expectations and identify what more you can do. Leverage an all-in-one solution that enables you to hear customers’ unfiltered voices and uncover hidden insights to design exceptional experiences across the customer journey. 


All-in-one survey tool

Reliable data collection

Powerful data analysis

Data security & GDPR-compliant

Seamless integration

Professional services for research support

Enhance Customer Experience with Voxco

How should you use the CSAT survey tool?

Send customer satisfaction surveys after key interactions to evaluate customer experience with your brand. Harness the feedback to improve services/products and elevate the customer experience. 

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01. Customize surveys to engage respondents:

Design surveys in minutes with our drag-and-drop survey builder. With 100+ question types, skip and branching logic, white labeling, CSS customization, and more, you can design interactive and mobile-friendly surveys. 

02. Engage respondents anywhere and on any devices

Stay attuned to customer satisfaction levels by engaging them in their preferred way. Distribute surveys via multiple online channels like email, SMS, social media, and web embeds and translate them into 100+ languages

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03. Track CSAT survey response rates

Monitor the performance of your CSAT surveys across all online distribution channels. Track and monitor survey progress across the channels to engage respondents better. 

04. Measure data and visualize insights

With our automated CSAT survey tool, analyze data in real-time. Get a comprehensive view of the survey result and filter the data based on parameters. Understand your priorities by identifying recurring themes. 

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05. Keep data secured and safe

From anonymous surveys to protect respondent identity to enterprise-grade data security compliance, our tool is designed to safeguard customer data. 

Secure your device with MFA and data secured with authenticated access, SOC2 certification, and TCPA and GDPR compliance. 

Cogeco, an award-winning media company, used Voxco Online Surveys to plan its radio program based on the audience’s taste.

Read how they used our tool to gather the audience’s music preferences and update their playlist within two days. 

Why should you use the CSAT survey tool?

A customer satisfaction survey tool should be a component of your CX program and not an afterthought. It helps you discover how customers feel, their level of satisfaction, and their reasons by interacting with the intended customer directly. 

Using first-hand insights, you can anticipate their needs, identify pain points, and make required improvements to increase their satisfaction and facilitate loyalty. 

Understand your customers:

A CSAT survey tool can help you create a complete view of your customer experiences. It will help you uncover customer perceptions and expectations, allowing you to make informed decisions. 

Use the data to identify what matters most to your customers, prioritize changes, and address the issues before they escalate. 

Gather relevant feedback:

With a CSAT survey, you can ask the right question at the right touchpoint. This will allow you to keep the pulse of customers’ perceptions and also allow customers to share their honest opinion. 

The tool enables you to gather nuanced data when used to gauge experience at a particular touchpoint. 


Proactively address pain points:

Gathering customer feedback over time can help you identify patterns in pain points. You can use this knowledge to address the issue before it escalates. 

Use Voxco to trigger CSAT surveys in real time and identify patterns and relationships between variables. 

Foster trust among customers:

Gathering feedback and responding to customers demonstrates your willingness to listen to customers’ voices. 

Share surveys on their preferred channel across various touchpoints to encourage honest feedback.

Boost customer loyalty: 

A satisfied customer will be loyal to your brand. Using the CSAT survey tool, you can address interactions/services that left them with a bad experience. 

Customers are more likely to feel connected to your brand when you take the steps to resolve their issues efficiently. 

Close the feedback loop:

Ensure a connected and complete experience by responding back to your customers. With Voxco, you can close the loop by ensuring the right feedback reaches the right team. 


Walmart expands it Online Grocery PickUp Service using Voxco Online Surveys.

Read how they expanded the service across multiple locations and increased their product variety from 3K to 7K based on direct customer requests. 

When should you use CSAT surveys?

You might want to survey your customers after every interaction. However, that may cause survey fatigue and hinder data collection. Here are a few situations when you should conduct CSAT surveys. 

O1. Post-support interactions: 

It is important to assess whether the support agent met the customers’ expectations. 

Share a survey after support interactions to understand what was lacking and what helped the customer. Measure the performance across multiple variables to get a complete picture.

2. Post-purchase experiences:

Understanding customer satisfaction levels following purchase can help you refine the experience and meet their needs. 

Use CSAT survey tools to automate surveys post-purchase or delivery, asking customers to rate their satisfaction and share their feedback. 

03. Key touchpoints: 

Identify the critical touchpoints in a customer journey to map their experience with their feedback. 

Understand how customers feel about your product, website/app, support, sales, services, etc.

04. Service recovery situations:

It’s best to follow up when a customer leaves negative feedback. Take the chance to interact with customers and ask for their satisfaction on their encountered issues. 

The initiative will display that you genuinely care for customers’ experience and foster strong relationships.

05. Service renewal: 

Sending customers emails for service renewal can backfire when you are unaware of dissatisfaction. It will not only lead to churn but also a bad reputation. 

Take advantage of CSAT survey tools to send timely surveys when the renewal date is close. Identify unhappy customers to address their issues on time.

Check out the features you need to easily create and tailor engaging surveys.


  1. What is the CSAT score metric?

CSAT is a popular CX metric that quantifies customer satisfaction with a brand, its offerings, and interactions. The metric asks customers to rate their satisfaction on a scale to gauge if the brand was able to meet their expectations. 

  1. How to calculate CSAT scores?

You can calculate the CSAT score by summing up the scores given by customers and dividing it by the total number of responses. 

CSAT = (Sum of positive scores/ Total no. of responses) X 100 

  1. What is a good customer satisfaction score?

A good customer satisfaction score depends on the industry. However, a score of 80% or above is generally a good CSAT score. It’s important to keep in mind that factors like customer segment, customer expectations, and competitive benchmark also play a role in determining a good customer satisfaction score. 

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