Uncover Customers’ Hidden Pain Points with Voxco’s Customer Effort Score Survey Tool

Evaluate your brand’s customer effort score to empower experiences and increase satisfaction 

Design interactive surveys to measure customer effort across key touchpoints. 

→ Gather data across multiple channels and in many languages. 

→ Measure CES data in real-time as responses come in. 

→ Uncover interactions that have customers exert a lot of effort. 

Uncover Customers’ Hidden Pain Points with Voxco’s Customer Effort Score Survey Tool ROI

Empower experiences and erase customer effort

Customer effort is an important metric indicating loyalty. The metric is simple to track yet insightful for businesses to evaluate their customer satisfaction. Reducing the amount of effort your customer has to exert to get their issues resolved results in an increase in customer loyalty.  

Interactive survey design

Wider reach for data collection

Access to the targeted sample

CES calculator

Data security & GDPR-compliant

Professional services

How to use the CES survey tool?

Design a customer effort score survey to gather customers’ true voices, evaluating your brand as per their perception. Voxco offers an all-in-one solution you need to run the entire CES survey research without the hassle of multiple tools. 

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Step 1: Crafting your CES questionnaire

Customize surveys: 

Design branded surveys with your logo, colors, fonts, etc. Utilize CSS customization to make the survey unique. Make it mobile-friendly to ensure your surveys are accessible. 

Create surveys: 

Choose from multiple question types to create interactive surveys – rating scale, star, or smiley. Add skip logic or branching to ask the right question to the right customer. 

Expand reach: 

Leverage automated survey translation to customize surveys in 100+ languages and gather feedback across the world. 


Step 2: Distributing survey and collecting responses

Share surveys: 

Distribute your surveys across multiple online channels like website embeds, email, SMS, and social media to reach customers at key interactions. 

Track survey progress: 

Voxco enables you to track and monitor survey progress across multiple channels to ensure you gather a large amount of data that truly represents the target audience.

Voxco Audience: 

Create a respondent sample using our market research panel with access to 10M verified profiles and 90+ profiling points. 

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Step 3: Interpret CES data

CES calculator: 

Use our free CES calculator to measure your customer effort score. 

Statistical data analysis: 

Analyze data in real time to identify patterns, themes, and trends in data between touchpoints and customer effort. 

Dashboard overview: 

Access Voxco’s intuitive dashboard to create a holistic visual representation of CES survey insights in a timely manner. 

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Read how they expanded the service across multiple locations and increased their product variety from 3K to 7K based on direct customer requests. 

Why Should You Use the Customer Effort Score Survey Tool?

Using customer effort score survey tools enables you to discover touchpoints in the customer journey that require higher effort. A higher effort leads to lower satisfaction and loyalty. 

Gathering insights from customers can help you identify these moments and customer pain points. Diagnose CES to improve customer experience and drive business growth.

identify pain points: 

By evaluating specific interactions, you can understand the pain points customers encounter. This enables you to identify the areas of friction in the experiences and interactions, allowing you to prioritize improvements.

Comparative analysis: 

CES surveys conducted over time can help you compare and assess the impact of interventions implemented to reduce pain points. This can help generate insights to assess the effectiveness of your efforts

Enhance loyalty: 

Gathering CES data and addressing customer effort directly will lead to increased loyalty. Reducing the effort customers exert in their interaction with your brand can foster strong relationships.

Check out the features you need to easily create and tailor engaging surveys.

When Should You Use Customer Effort Score Survey Tools?

CES surveys can help you gauge key interactions across a customer journey and understand the impact of that interaction on customers’ decisions to stay loyal to your brand. Here are some situations when you should conduct CES surveys. 

01. After customer interactions:

Send CES surveys after specific customer interactions to capture insights that reflect their recent experience

02. During key touchpoint: 

CES surveys during critical touchpoints in the customer journey can reveal insights into the drivers of customer behavior

03. Product/service launch: 

Implementing a customer effort score survey to gauge customers’ initial reaction to new products/services can help identify issues that need immediate attention.


04. Service recovery situations: 

CES surveys can help gauge the effectiveness of service recovery efforts after customers’ complaints about negative experiences. This ensures that your resolution is efficient and effortless.


05. Periodic check-ins: 

Administering surveys at regular intervals can help track changes in customer effort over time. This helps you identify the impact of ongoing CX enhancements.


What is the CES Survey?

The Customer Effort Score survey is a metric that helps you measure the ease or difficulty customers experience when interacting with a product, service, or brand. 

The survey focuses on assessing customers’ efforts to achieve their goals, whether purchasing, solving a problem, or completing a task. The CES survey aims to understand how effortless the customer journey is and identify areas for improvement.

How to Calculate CES Score?

The CES score is typically measured using a single-question survey. The question often follows: “On a scale of 1 to 7, how easy or difficult was it to resolve your issue with our customer support?”

Respondents can choose a rating on the scale, with answer options ranging from “Very Difficult” to “Very Easy.” Then, you can find your CES score by measuring the average of these ratings across all survey responses.


CES Score = (Sum of All Ratings) / (Total Number of Responses)

The CES score usually falls within a scale of, for example, 1 to 7, or 1 to 5, depending on the chosen rating scale.

What is a Good CES Score?

A lower CES score indicates higher customer satisfaction. Similarly, a lower score implies that customers found the experience easy and effortless. 

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