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Tips to create online questionnaires

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As a marketer, you must have attempted to obtain feedback from your customers using numerous approaches to provide them with the greatest experience. As a customer, you may have desired to communicate your thoughts with the product or service sellers to express your genuine opinion. Whatever role you played, feedback was at the forefront. In any case, an online questionnaire will make your life easier.

Due to technological advancements and continuous improvements in survey software, gathering and delivering relevant information is becoming increasingly simple. 

What are online questionnaires?

These questionnaires allow you to immediately reach the individuals whose opinions are most important, but only if the right questions are asked. A well-designed set of questions may help you cut through the clutter of potential answers to give measurable results and actionable trends.

The first stages in creating a more successful questionnaire are well-defined objectives and understanding your target audience.

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What is better - an online or a paper questionnaire?

The conventional survey approach has been modernized with online surveys. This method includes mail-in surveys, social media surveys, and phone interviews. While these kinds of surveys were useful in the past, they are now obsolete and inferior to internet surveys. This is because they confront challenges that online surveys do not.

Furthermore, online surveys have opened the way for greater conveniences and good aspects of market research in general. 

1. Rate of response

Online surveys have a tenfold increase in response rate, and data begins to collect within minutes. Survey research can be completed in a matter of days, depending on the notification method and your target population. 

On the other hand, paper-based surveys might take weeks or even months to disseminate, collect, and prepare for findings.

2. Survey cost

Paper surveys are expensive to publish and may be significantly more expensive if you engage a professional. 

When it comes to questionnaire creation, the Internet offers a plethora of alternatives to choose from. With leading tools like Voxco, you can create your surveys in minutes. Its pre-built themes, aesthetic themes, and endless questions organize your survey, and you can distribute them via social media, Email, SMS, and website pop-up.

3. Questions about the structure

Unlike paper surveys, which allow you to interact with radio buttons and checkboxes, online surveys enable you to work with a drop-down list, matrix, drag-and-drop, sliders, and more interactive question types.  

Instead of going page after page to find relevant questions, online surveys use advanced logic and branching to direct respondents to the question relevant to their previous answer.

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How to design effective online questionnaires?

For years, the marketing sector has used online surveys to acquire user input from customers. With good cause. A well-written questionnaire allows you to gain insight into the minds of your target audience. You can find information about their tastes, needs, and personal interests. 

All of this data empowers you to develop incredible eLearning experiences. Here are some suggestions for creating online surveys for your eLearning course.

1. Determine the desired outcome 

Your research objectives and intended outcomes will guide your online questions. They enable you to concentrate on critical parts of the respondent’s experience, such as pain points or preferences. 

Discuss the overall goals with your eLearning team. What do you aim to accomplish by administering the online questionnaire? What information do you require and why? Every question you include is dependent on these critical elements.

2. Keep it brief and to the point.

The information obtained from your online survey might be critical to your company. However, it is frequently not at the top of your respondent’s to-do list. Not to mention the fact that they don’t have much time to finish the online survey. 

As a result, you should make your online questionnaire brief and to the point. If you need to cover a lot of topics, you may need to design different online surveys for each purpose.

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3. Abandon the terminology

Respondents should not need to use a dictionary to complete the online questionnaire. As a result, you should avoid technical jargon and make your language plain and straightforward. 

4. Leave no room for doubt

In terms of clarity,  your queries should be straightforward. There is no space for doubt. You don’t want to cause any uncertainty since it will lead to frustration. And frustration reduces participation rates. 

Respondents who can’t grasp what is being asked cannot provide an honest response. This also applies to multiple-choice questions. One subject per question is the golden rule of questionnaire design.

5. Don’t write leading questions

When you want to gather accurate and unbiased feedback from respondents, you should also ensure that the questions are unbiased. 

“Alex is our best customer support agent. How do you feel about your experience with him?” 

A question such as this gives the respondent the impression that they need to praise “Alex” since he is the “best customer support agent” despite receiving bad service.

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Make better, more successful questions for your online questionnaires, polls, and surveys by following these top ideas. Because when you have a great question strategy, everything comes together—from the responder experience to the real-time data you gather. 

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