Text Analytics

Turn customer feedback into actionable insights!

✔ Learn how your customers feel and why 

✔ Identify recurring trends & patterns

✔ Combine results with data visualization tools

✔ Resolve customer issues in real-time

Text Analytics Text Analytics

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Understand to Act Better

Customers express how they feel about your products or services through surveys. But most often, the feedback is in a textual form which makes it difficult to analyze at scale.
Voxco’s Text Analytics allows you to easily analyze open-ended feedback, turn it into actionable insights, and see the results derived in a visual dashboard.

How Text Analytics Works

Text Analytics captures customer sentiments and groups the verbatim into distinct categories more efficiently so you can:

Text Analytics Text Analytics

Learn how your customers feel and why

Discover the critical themes concerning your consumers and identify the root causes in near-instantaneous mode.

data collection

Combine results with data visualization tools

Understand the story behind the customer feedback and discover opportunities for improvement.

Monitor incidents in Real time

Identify recurring trends & patterns

Improve customer satisfaction, detect product issues, and monitor brand reputation, among other things.

Text Analytics Text Analytics

Resolve issues in a timely manner

Analyze large volumes of data in a very short time and obtain results in real-time to take corrective actions faster

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Text analytics organizes or simplifies unstructured textual data such as survey responses, reviews on websites, etc., into machine language that can be analyzed.

Text analytics software automates the entire process of analyzing textual data. 

It analyzes structured and unstructured data, identifies hidden emotions, discovers high-priority topics, uncovers issues, and more. Using a text analytics tool cuts down the use of multiple solutions for each use case. 

Happy customers help grow company revenue, and happy employees help drive business growth. With the text analytics tools, you can also learn whether your customers and employees are satisfied or not. 

By understanding their satisfaction with your organization, you can serve them in a way that will lead to long-term success. 

Broadly speaking, Text Analytics tools can be used to

  • Analyze customers’ experience with your brand, products, services, etc.
  • Analyze a large volume of open-ended text and convert them into insights.
  • Understand how your employees feel about their workplace. Identify issues causing less productivity or dissatisfaction to resolve them effectively and boost employee morale.