Text Analytics 

Transform Text into Insights with AI-enabled Text Analytics Software

Hear your customers & know how you can grow. Uncover customer feedback & gain insights to build better customer relationships and drive the business reach. 

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

Why Voxco for Text Analytics?

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

User-friendly platform

Our text analytics software has a user-friendly interface that can be used and operated with ease, providing you with a hassle-free and seamless experience.

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

Flexible hosting
( SaaS/on-premise)

Choose between SaaS, on-premise, or hybrid hosting with Voxco’s flexible hosting options.

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

Omnichannel platform

View customer data gathered across all channels on a single integrated platform to gather powerful actionable insights.

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

Enterprise-grade data security

Voxco intelligence’s text analytics software utilizes password management, strong security controls, and granular access permissions to ensure that your customers’ data is handled with utmost care and is kept private.

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

Real-time Insights

Receive real-time insights with our AI-enabled text analytics that automatically processes gathered data, allowing you to respond promptly to your customers needs.

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

24X7 professional services

With our text analytics software, you have access to our 24/7 customer support with experienced professionals.

Understand Customers in their Own Words

Voxco’s AI-enabled text analytics software allows you to analyze millions of texts in real-time, empowering you to understand how they feel and how you can serve better.

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

Unify customer feedback

With Voxco’s omni channel platform, collect customer feedback from multiple channels & integrate customer data from multiple sources to create a consistent view of customer experience. 

Break data silos and centralize customer data to decipher every text in real-time and generate accurate insights. 

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software
Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

Train your text analytics

Do you want to track high-priority topics? Maybe identify customer sentiment? 

Uncover the true meaning of every feedback with the highest accuracy.  

Text analytics software can be trained to rapidly make sense of customer feedback and highlight the prevailing topics or emotions that customers are communicating.

Uncover hidden insights

With our predictive models, you can identify gaps in customer experience and discover what is harming your customer relationship and business growth. 

Let our software read through every text to help you gain insights and develop strategies to improve the customer experience at every step of their journey.

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software
Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

Feel their sentiment

Understand how your customers truly feel about their experience with your brand. Our text analytics software determines how positive, negative, or neutral a customer’s feedback is. 

Listen to customers’ real feelings behind every feedback to re-innovate how you serve them.

Redefine your Customer Experience with Voxco

Machine Learning

With ML capability allow, text analytics software to learn from experience and accurately solve problems. Organize and give structure to all the customer data.

Natural Language Processing 

Interpret text from the data and convert it into machine language for faster customer feedback analysis.

Text Mining

Interpret text from the data and convert it into machine language for faster customer feedback analysis.

Exceed customers’ expectations by analyzing their feedback with our scalable AI-infused text analytics software.


increase in active members


less churn


increase in ROI

How Voxco helps

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

The Escorts Group fueled digital transformation with NLP-based chat-bots.

Text Analytics Text Analytics Software

ACT Fibernet optimized its churn management strategy through text mining of customer complaints.


Text analytics organizes or simplifies unstructured textual data such as social media posts, survey responses, reviews on websites, etc., into machine language that can be analyzed.

Text analytics software automates the entire process of analyzing textual data. 

It analyzes structured and unstructured data, identifies hidden emotions, discovers high-priority topics, uncovers issues, and more. Using a text analytics tool cuts down the use of multiple solutions for each use case.

Happy customers help grow company revenue, and happy employees help drive business growth. With the text analytics tools, you can also learn whether your customers and employees are satisfied or not. 

By understanding their satisfaction with your organization, you can serve them in a way that will lead to long-term success.

Broadly speaking Text Analytics tools can be used for – Voice of Customers, Voice of Employees, and Social Media Monitoring. 

  • Gather their feedback using surveys and deploy a text analytics tool to analyze what customers say about their experience with your brand, products, services, etc.
  • Use the tool to analyze a large volume of social media text and convert them into insights. 
  • Understand how your employees feel about their workplace. Identify issues causing less productivity or dissatisfaction to resolve them effectively and boost employee morale. 

NLP, or natural language processing, is a type of AI-driven technology that is used in text analytics software to gather structured data and insights from vast amounts of unstructured open text so that the data can be analyzed effectively and with more ease.