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Listen to the real voice of customers with NPS®

Track omnichannel customer feedback with our AI-driven NPS® platform & enhance customer loyalty in real time.
– Keep your customers close  – Interpret customer sentiment  – Deliver an elite experience – Improve your NPS® in real-time  
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Net Promoter Score net promoter score

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Net Promoter Score net promoter score

Listen, measure, analyze and act on customer feedback on autopilot

Bring reliable customer feedback to your decision-making process
  • Measure your NPS® across all touchpoints 
  • Identify key drivers of low satisfaction
  • Optimize Omnichannel Customer Experience 
  • Deliver Real Time Triggers to relevant teams 
  • Monitor NPS® score improvements over multiple variables

Here’s how our NPS® Software helps

Net Promoter Score net promoter score


to what customers have to say

Deliver interactive surveys & capture customer feedback  at the right time with the right channel. 

Personalized Surveys: 

  • Deliver personalized surveys to customers across 6+ channels  
  • Brand the surveys with your brand tone with our white label NPS® software 
  • Use 100+ question types with advanced survey logic to understand customer perception. 

Reach Audience anywhere and anytime:

  • Automatically trigger your NPS® survey at a determined point in the customer journey
  • Deliver the survey using the channel of their convenience (Email, SMS, Website pop-up, Offline)
Net Promoter Score net promoter score


Customer happiness and engagement

Gather and track your NPS® score to reward your promoters and identify your detractors

Gather customer feedback: 

  • Read customer’s feedback in their own words in real-time
  • Automate feedback segmentation based on the score they provide
  • Search for topics and keywords to see the score and sentiment shared by respondents

Track your Net Promoter Score®

  • Identify the key drivers that impact customer opinion
  • Identify opportunity gaps to improve your offerings  
  • Benchmark NPS® score with your previous results and across the industry
Net Promoter Score net promoter score


Understand the complete story behind the responses

Text Analytics: 

  • Understand the reason behind the score: translate a large volume of text into actionable insights 
  • Learn which factor had an impact on their Net Promoter Score®
  • Eliminate the risk of bias with open-ended feedback

Sentiment Analytics: 

  • Identify and decode the prevalent sentiment in their feedback 
  • Automatically assign sentiment scores to the responses as they turn up
  • Never miss any potential issue – Leverage word cloud to gain deep insight into customer sentiment


  • Create a role-specific dashboard to deliver the right insight to the responsible team/employee
  • Share reports across teams using a secure portal
Net Promoter Score net promoter score


Close the feedback loop by taking the required action. Focus on re-engaging your customers and establishing a strong relationship.

Predictive Analytics: 

  • Understand customer behavior and predict customer actions. 
  • Identify at-risk customers, and cross-sell or upsell opportunity gaps. 

Close the Loop : 

  • Reduce time to action with real-time notifications delivered straight into your inbox.  
  • Adopt the strategies and suggestions offered by our advanced analytics based on the NPS® score and verbatim provided by respondents.
Net Promoter Score net promoter score

Customer engagement strategies to boost loyalty

Simplest NPS® software backed up by advanced analytics

Net Promoter Score net promoter score
Net Promoter Score net promoter score

Reach global audience:

Engage with the audience at where they are using the channels they prefer. With Voxco, you can reach a global audience via

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Website pop-up
  • Offline Surveys
Net Promoter Score net promoter score

Conduct Sentiment Analysis:

Explore the open feedback and understand what customers think and feel about their journey. 

Turn unstructured text data into concise reports.

Net Promoter Score net promoter score

Track and Predict future outcomes: 

Track your at-risk customers. Predict customer behavior and potential outcome. 

Decide the best course of action to win over customers.

Net Promoter Score net promoter score

Role-based Dashboard: 

Share the right information with the relevant team using a role-based dashboard. 

Leave comments for team members and share the active link of the dashboard with every employee responsible

Net Promoter Score net promoter score

Multi-language capabilities: 

Conduct surveys without any language restriction. Build your surveys in any Unicode-supported language to reach any audience worldwide.

Net Promoter Score net promoter score

Real-time Triggers:

Be in touch with a current update with the dynamic Net Promoter Score® dashboard. Get access to data in real-time. The dashboard also contains the keywords most frequently present in open-ended feedback.
Net Promoter Score net promoter score

Powerful reporting: 

Use the dashboard to search for specific words/topics and analyze the percentage of sentiment. View the breakdown of NPS® score, Sentiment split, and word cloud for an easy read.
Net Promoter Score net promoter score

AI & ML capabilities:

Use advanced analytics to analyze text feedback and understand what matters to your customers. Unveil unknown future trends and take meaningful actions.

Net Promoter Score net promoter score

Insight distribution with Role-based Dashboard: 

Enables your employees and stakeholders to understand the insights and analyze the key drivers of customer experience with our role-based dashboard and empower them to take effective actions.

Net Promoter Score net promoter score

Easy to use: 

Our simple drag-and-drop interface enables you to create your projects within seconds. No programming experience or coding is required to create simple or complex NPS® surveys. 


What is the Net Promoter Score®?

On a scale of 0 to 10, How likely are you to recommend our brand to a friend?” Net Promoter Score® uses a single question to examine customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Based on the responses received, NPS® divides the respondents into three categories –  Promoters: with NPS® 9 and 10 Passives: with NPS® 7 and 8 Detractors: with NPS® 0 to 6

What is a Net Promoter Score®(NPS®) Software?

NPS® Software is a tool that enables a researcher to conduct an NPS® survey and gather insightful data from their desired respondents. The software also empowers to measure and analyze the NPS® data, create reports, and track changes over time.

What are the three Net Promoter Score categories?

The respondents are segmented into three categories: Promoters: These respondents are enthusiastic about your company and often give you a 9 or 10 score. They are advocates of your company.  Passive: These respondents are generally satisfied with your company. But they are unlikely to recommend you to anyone. They usually give a Net Promoter Score® of 7 or 8.  Detractors: They are unhappy and unsatisfied customers. They give a score between 0 to 6 and are more likely to spread negative reviews about your company. 

How to calculate Net Promoter Score®?

The Net Promoter Score® uses a simple formula  NPS = Promoters% – Detractors%