Gather Powerful Financial Survey Insights from your Survey Responses


Redefine customer experiences with the best-in-class survey software and analytics platform

✓  Reduce loss rates

✓  Increase approval rate

✓  Reduce turn-around-time for loan/card processing 

✓  Identify new customer segments (universe expansion)

Solution Industry Financial Services financial services insights

Turn Survey Responses into Actionable Insights on a Single Platform

Solution Industry Financial Services financial services insights

Finance surveys that help foster a data-driven customer-centric culture

Leverage our exceptional finance survey software to gather customer feedback anytime, anywhere. The top-notch capabilities of our survey system make it effortless to understand the key drivers behind customer experience.

Solution Industry Financial Services financial services insights

Insights that improve customer experience, detect fraud, predict risk, automate underwriting

Leverage Voxco’s AI & ML capabilities to integrate customers’ data from multiple data sources including their interactions, credit history, purchase activities, transactions across the web, and mobile apps to reveal predictive insights.

Create exceptional customer, product, brand, and employee experiences that help grow your brand and increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

  • Gain insights into the end-to-end customer journey
  • Understand how every touchpoint adds up to the overall customer experience
  • Gain a truly holistic picture of your customer experience
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Seamlessly capture customer feedback from every channel - web, phone & face to face

Gather customer feedback successfully across every channel, no matter which survey template you use. Your customers are everywhere. Listen to them across multiple channels to identify the key drivers of customer experience. 

Be it a survey related to consumer finance or personal finance, mobile banking or new account opening, or even bank customer service, we’ve got you covered. With Voxco’s financial services insights tool, you can reach out to your target audience easily using omnichannel surveys that are conducted online, offline, mobile, and by phone (Dialer and IVR optional).

Solution Industry Financial Services financial services insights

Arm employees with a single unified view of the entire customer journey

Help employees see how each touchpoint adds up to the end-to-end customer journey experience with a 360-degree view of customers. Enable them to uncover actionable customer insights from every relevant data source and continuously personalize customers’ offline and online experiences including in-branch banking, online banking, in-app experiences, etc. 

Equip customer support staff with insights to take corrective actions and solve problems before they escalate. By leveraging a powerful financial services insights tool, you enable support staff to to engage with empathy, understand, and handle customer issues in real-time.

Solution Industry Financial Services financial services insights

Spot anomalies and predict risk

Enable analysts to spot small errors and miscalculations across your business with Voxco Intelligence’s risk prediction models. Identify and correct fee, interchange, and interest anomalies to maximize revenue efficiency and boost financial performance.

Solution Industry Financial Services financial services insights

Foster customer loyalty

Arm sales reps with instant access to the status of customer loans, product type, and overall portfolio mix across channels on a daily basis to help them discover upsell and cross-sell opportunities. With the right financial services insights, your sales reps can anticipate what they’ll respond to.

Solution Industry Financial Services financial services insights

Quickly spot suspicious activities

Use data and AI-driven insights to better understand and act upon risks you typically face, such as unusual account activity, credit risk, information security, and market and liquidity demands. Combine omnichannel feedback with AI-powered text analytics and risk modeling to reduce risk and losses.

Solution Industry Financial Services financial services insights

Mitigate losses with instant insights

Financial services insights empower bank personnel to quickly identify and prioritize every single at-risk borrower. Then take mitigating actions to reduce expected credit losses, thus increasing profitability and liquidity. 

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Join the world’s first Experience Management Platform™ and use real-time data, insights, and AI-powered recommendations to improve every moment that matters

Voxco Intelligence Data Analytics Software

Drive loyalty & maximize customer lifetime value at every customer touchpoint

  • Strengthen customer relationships at every point of interaction such as new account opening, complaint resolution, transactions, etc.
  • Set up real-time triggers to spot experience gaps, and take immediate actions to improve the experience. 
  • Enable ML models to predict risk, detect fraud, and mitigate losses.

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FAQs on Financial Services Insights

Financial services insights are the important patterns and statistics that are extracted from customer data by businesses that provide financial services. These insights are used to optimize the performance of the company, improve customer experience, and increase the firm’s revenue. 

A financial services insights platform is a software that is leveraged by companies that provide financial services so that they can gather powerful insights from customer data, optimize customer experience, and boost customer lifetime value.

Some key advantages of a financial insights platform are: 

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Financial insights platforms enable the extraction of actionable insights that can be used to optimize the customer journey and improve the overall customer experience. 
  • Churn Prediction: With the use of data gathered on customer behavior, financial insights platforms can reveal predictive insights that reveal which customers are likely to churn so that prompt measures can be taken to prevent attrition.
  • Enhanced Data Quality: Voxco Intelligence’s financial services platform equips employees with a 360 degree view of their customers on a unified platform, creating rich and comprehensive customer profiles.