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Total flexibility across online and offline channels.

25+ years serving Europe with a more flexible survey platform


Voxco has been an industry-leading provider of flexible survey software for 25+ years. From our three European offices, we help researchers create powerful surveys seen by millions of respondents each year.

Voxco is designed to maximize ROI on any study, across online, offline and telephone channels. A centralised platform means better data control and a more seamless respondent experience. Try a free online sample survey to begin evaluating the platform today.

Why choose Voxco Online?

Designed for researchers

From the simplest to the most complex projects, Voxco helps you execute without the pain. Intuitively create surveys with advanced question types and logic.

Loaded with advanced features

Easy-to-use look & feel editors, smart multimedia capabilities, and stratum-targeting quotas that let your survey adapt as they fill up. And that’s just a few…

Centralized survey projects

With a central database and questionnaire editor, you can expand survey projects across channels at any time.

SaaS or On-Premise hosting

Survey data stays secure on our European servers. Unless you want to host it in-house on your own infrastructure. We do that too!

Accessible, personalized service

Multilingual support teams who are helpful and reachable on a follow-the-sun schedule. Services teams to help you execute survey projects faster and better.

Flexible pricing model

Pay for annual usage, single projects, or buy permanent platform access. Our pricing matches almost any research budget, and we’ll stick to it.

See it for yourself.

Try our sample survey to experience everything that’s possible with the industry’s most flexible survey software: Voxco Online.

Maintain maximum survey productivity in the field.

Easy-to-use interviewer app

An intuitive interface and multiple in-app tools enable any interviewer to quickly complete surveys and boost their in-field productivity.

No inter-app requirements

Interviewers remain totally self-sufficient with appointment scheduling, messaging, embedded multimedia, and audio recording in a single survey app.

Offline data storage

During fieldwork, surveys and respondent data are saved to individual interviewer profiles on the device. Sync data whenever they’re back online.

Flexible sample assignment rules

Assign sample to interviewers or let them create new cases in-field for intercept interviews. In either case, trust your assigned quotas to update seamlessly.

A tailored platform for your
industry-specific needs


  • Market Research. Industry-leading tools designed for (and by) pro researchers. Bid on client projects with confidence – Voxco scales with the scope of your workload.
  • Social & Public Opinion. The Voxco platform offers true multi-mode survey tools, allowing seamless transition from online to offline and telephone surveys.
  • Government & Statistical Institutes. Size is never a problem. The Voxco platform can handle studies with millions of records and thousands of questionnaire variables.
  • Business. From a centralized data hub, Voxco helps you build simple or highly complex surveys for customer/employee engagement, healthcare or housing studies.

Stratégir relies on Voxco


“We execute hundreds of product-test surveys each year. Voxco has allowed us to perfectly synchronize our many different data collection methods. We’ve finally found a survey partner with whom it is easy to plan future projects thanks to the software’s ability to adapt and evolve right alongside our own technology.”

– Luc Milbergue, CEO

Give Voxco a test drive.

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