New Personal Data Management Features for&nbspSurveys

Voxco makes it easy to manage personally identifiable information (PII) when conducting a survey.

New PII features to help you be GDPR compliant

Respecting and safeguarding the privacy of survey respondents is becoming increasingly critical. New regulations, such as GDPR, are obliging survey organizations to be more vigilant in processing and managing data that can be used to identify individuals. Our new Personally Identifiable Information (PII) management system will help your company be GDPR compliant.

PII Flagging

Easily identify, flag and manage personal data

Flag any questions and panel attributes as being personal data in active and closed surveys. Our survey software system will automatically classify common types of personal data stated in GDPR (name, IP address, etc.) as PII across all surveys.

Once this data is flagged as PII, you can efficiently restrict access to the data, as well as anonymize it once it is no longer needed.

PII Access Restriction

Restrict employee access to personal data

The access to personal data for some employees might be unnecessary or even undesirable under regulations such as GDPR. Now you can limit the access to PII for different user roles so you can ensure the protection of personal data. If an employee’s access is restricted, they will not be able to view or modify any of the data flagged as PII.

PII Anonymisation

Anonymise data so the GDPR no longer applies

Anonymise all the personal data that you no longer need for processing. General survey data can still be kept for future use or benchmarking without the obligations that come with handling and storing personal data. Anonymisation in our system is an irreversible process that is similar to deletion.

PII Access Logging

Track who accesses pages that contain personal data

Our survey software system will create a log entry each time a user accesses a page that contains PII. These logs can help you determine whether someone attempted to perform actions that may be outside the scope of their role.

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