Voxco Panel Manager

Software for nurturing multiple survey panels.

Maximize response rates with a loyal respondent community

Voxco Panel Manager tools integrate seamlessly with Voxco Online survey software to help you recruit and foster panels of your most trusted respondents.

Robust backend panel management

  • Broad list update capabilities. Import raw lists of panelists from other sources, with logical filtering and merging of duplicate records. Execute batch updates for maximum panel management efficiency.
  • Logical panel creation. Add or update panelist profiles based on individual survey responses or overall survey activity. Create subgroups within panels for enhanced survey targeting and response analysis.
  • Comprehensive attribute management. Add unlimited attributes to classify and categorize your panelists. Attributes can even be automatically added via pre-defined survey responses.
  • Attribute-triggered actions. Use panelist attributes as selection criteria for survey invitations, rewards points allocation, and more.
  • Detailed panelist activity monitoring. Track panelist communications, survey participation, and even the results of individual questions. Maintain an active panel by removing panelists who are not engaging with your surveys.

Engaging panelist portals

  • Custom look and feel.  Customize the panel’s background and color schemes to appeal to your panelists and maximize their time in-portal.
  • Brand integration. Add logos, fonts and images that reflect your brand, ensuring a seamless transition from your website to the panel portal.
  • Full respondent panel experience. Panelists can view third-party reward providers, answer new surveys, and view their own rewards and survey histories. All without ever leaving your branded panel portal.
  • Reward points visibility. Debit and credit rewards points based on triggers you define within surveys. Advise panelists of actions that earn points so they’ll maximize their activity while in-portal or in-survey.

Immediate integration

  • Rewards systems integration. Voxco’s unique API allows the connection of new Voxco panels with any pre-existing third party respondent reward system that you already have in place.
  • Professional Services. The Voxco professional services team is here to help you get engaging panels in place as soon as you’re ready to begin. With over 25 years of experience, we’re experts in all things survey and will help you hit the ground running with your Voxco panels.

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