Quality control tools

Voxco Dialer

Monitor project & interviewer productivity in real time

Voxco Dialer provides many tools to help you manage and improve the quality of your interview process.

Project & agent productivity monitoring

  • Real-time productivity dashboard. The Voxco Dialer dashboard provides a live window on individual interviewer productivity. View and compare how much time interviewers spend on talk, pause, and wrap-up, the number of calls handled, and more.
  • Live project productivity. Get a live view of how individual projects are going: talk time per hour, average delay between calls, drop rate, call distribution, and more.
  • Control drop rates. Optimize productivity in your call center by managing your drop rate for individual projects.
  • Real-time respect of Do Not Call list. Voxco Dialer gives you a second level of control over phone numbers that should not be called. New DNC numbers are securely and instantly filtered out.

Live interviewer monitoring

  • Record phone interviews. Record interviews to listen later for quality assurance purposes, as signature, or as required by project parameters.
  • Set recording restrictions. Record only that part of the interview you want. When dealing with sensitive subject, set the recording to pause at a certain question and automatically resume later in the questionnaire.
  • Live audio monitoring. Simplify quality control checks and training development, and take action if an interviewer needs immediate coaching. In addition to the screen and image monitoring in Voxco CATI, Voxco Dialer lets supervisors listen live.

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