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Voxco CATI phone survey software

Improve engagement with a more dynamic phone survey platform

The power of Voxco CATI’s phone survey design tool means you can easily develop complex, yet dynamic and engaging telephone surveys to produce better insights.

Powerful questionnaire design toolbox

  • Complex question types. Program almost any question type. Easily handle script logic, routing filters, multiple conditions, nested loops, rotations, and much more.
  • Flexible sample loading. Upload samples from a wide range of source formats, including Access, CSV, XML, and TXT. Also, add or modify sample fields in batches without needing to stop fieldwork.
  • Easy survey scripting. No need to be a programmer. Our scripting tool is powerful yet easy to use for any telephone survey designer.
  • SQL interoperability. Wide support for SQL allows you to move information between your study and external databases as needed.
  • Smart quality control. Advanced quality assurance features help minimize the risk of systemic errors in project design. Automated response simulation procedures, intuitive questionnaire trackers, and logic-based checking ensure your design is sound.
  • Define and manage calling rules. An intuitive interface makes it easy to set calling rules tailored to each individual project. Run complex and simple rules at the same time for different projects.

Flexibility and reactivity in the field

  • Changes on the go. Make real-time changes to your questionnaire: add, delete, or change questions during fieldwork without interrupting your phone interviewers.
  • Multi-language capabilities. Jump between 99 supported languages. Start an interview in one language and finish in another, or use different languages for different members of a household.
  • Customizable interviewer experience. Make sure telephone interviewers are focused and are asking the right questions. Flag high-importance questions with a custom message, and set auto-advance rules limiting the amount of time interviewers spend on a question.

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