Voxco Analytics Features

Easy-to-use data analysis and reporting system that quickly turns your survey data into insights.

Designed for survey data

Unlike many other platforms, Voxco Analytics is designed specifically for the needs of survey researchers.

Very easy to use

Simple drag-and-drop functionality and built-in statistical analysis lets anyone be a data wizard.

Secure results sharing

The Key Findings portal enables you to securely share the most important survey results with colleagues and clients.

End-to-end data treatment

You can collect data in one of Voxco’s many survey modes, as well as analyse, chart and visualize the data all in the same environment.

Priced competitively

Our system is value priced with the budgets of survey organizations in mind.

Data Management and Crosstabs

Efficient data management

  • System supports all major data formats (SPSS, Dimensions, TripleS, SAS, Excel, CSV files)
  • Individual records can be modified and deleted for data cleaning, directly in DataView tab
  • Variables can easily be managed (edit, rename codes & labels, create new, grouped, conditional variables, etc.)

Power to create any crosstab

  • Easy drag and drop function to define columns, rows, and other crosstab aspects

  • Handles complex crosstabs with many variables and even nested variables

  • Options to modify crosstabs, apply filters, sort results, choose calculations and more

  • Ability to manage datasets (exclude results with small sample size, apply weighting, etc.)

  • Interactive controls for dynamic viewing. Easy online sharing or export

Statistics and Advanced Analytics

All the bases are covered

  • Crosstabs run standard calculations and descriptive statistics as well as more comprehensive stat tests

  • Correct statistical test is automatically applied to crosstabs based on the type of data

  • Colored cells highlight statistical significance

  • Stat tests can be turned on or off as you need

  • Stat test levels can be configured by you per cross tab or across crosstabs

Advanced Analytics functions

  • Additional statistical options for further analysis:

  • Linear Regression

  • Ordered Logistic Regression

  • K-means Clustering

  • Factor Analysis

  • Custom R Scripts

  • …and more

Rich Charting Options

Quickly turn data into charts

  • One-click function to instantly create charts from crosstabs

  • Many chart options (bar, pie, scatterplot, donut, gauge and more)

  • Word Clouds to show open-ended comments

  • Batch charting of up to 100 charts from one crosstab

  • Charts are automatically updated when new data is added to datasets

  • Interactive controls lets users see the data how they want

  • Charts can be instantly shared online or exported

Easily export charts

  • Charts export as native PowerPoint along with the underlying data

  • You can export directly to your company’s PPT template (including your branding)

  • Charts also export to Excel and PDF

Key Findings Portal for Clients

Key Findings Portal for Clients

  • The Key Findings portal is a secure way to give clients instant access to charts, crosstabs, and other items in a user-friendly website

  • You control exactly what each client is able to see and do in their account

  • Client users can interact with the data in their portal to create multiple views

  • Access is secure and password protected

Interactive Dashboards

Bring your data to life

  • Create visually appealing and easy-to-understand data stories

  • Set-up distinct dashboard views for different user roles in client companies

  • Ideal for tracking studies, syndicated research, or to bring together different datasets

Flexibility in design

  • Dashboards can include charts, crosstabs, and data from multiple datasets

  • Integrate text, images, video, look & feel of your choice

  • Interactive filters lets you create hundreds of data views on data subsets

  • Dashboards update automatically with new data

Options to create dashboards

  • Design your own unique dashboard

  • Use our professionally designed templates

  • Receive custom dashboards created and maintained by our services team

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