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It has never been easier to turn your survey data into insights. Voxco Analytics gives you all the tools you need to prep your data, create cross tabulations and build visual data stories. Then, easily share what you want with others.

Quick crosstabs and statistical analysis

Our powerful drag-and-drop function lets you quickly create any crosstab, even very complex ones. No need to worry about statistical testing. Crosstabs include automatic stat testing that applies color codes to cells where statistical significance is found. You can also run advanced stats analysis, manage variables, apply weighting, and clean respondent data all in our system.

Visual analytics in one click

Crosstabs can be turned into visual charts with one simple click. Gain a deeper understanding of your survey results by applying dynamic filters to charts and visualize the data from many angles. Your charts are always up-to-date since new data is automatically added. When you are ready to share, simply export to PowerPoint, along with the underlying data, or publish to the Key Findings portal.

Interactive dashboards that bring data to life

Dashboards are an engaging way to effectively convey data stories. Users can instantly see trends and relationships between data points. Dashboards are ideal for tracking studies, syndicated research, or any high profile ad-hoc survey. Our dashboards can include crosstabs, charts, images, videos and your own branding. They dynamically update with new data and users can filter views.

Secure portal to share results

Our system comes with a Key Findings portal that enables you to securely share your most important findings with colleagues and clients. In Key Findings your users can interact with their crosstabs, charts, dashboards and even export their findings. You can organize your folders and grant different permissions – giving you total control over what others can see and do in their account. Collaboration made easy.

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