Interactive survey results create dynamic data stories.

Let your data do the talking.

Good reports have a story to tell. Our survey results dashboards make reporting survey results easy and efficient. Share the right insights with the right people.


Easy to use

  • Create survey results dashboards through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Limitless design possibilities.
  • Build dashboards once and you’re done. Data from new surveys is automatically updated and style changes are instantly applied to all charts.
  • Handle ad-hoc report requests with just a few clicks. Dynamic filtering allows for hundreds of data views.
  • Create error-free charts. Survey results reporting is directly connected to the survey database.

Quick to understand

  • Clearly show data trends and highlight key insights.
  • Pull data in from other sources, like sales or advertising, to paint the full picture.
  • Create benchmarks to put individual survey results into context.
  • Engage your audience with visual imagery that is relevant to them and helps lend impact to your key insights.

Efficient to share

  • Stop sending out multiple versions of Excel and Powerpoint files. Your survey results dashboards live dynamically in one central hub.
  • Tailor dashboard views based on the needs of different user groups, teams, and clients.
  • Safely set access rights so only certain individuals can access select dashboards, or limit how deep they can dig into the data.
  • Automate and schedule distribution so teams can rely on timely business insights.

Many dimensions

Interactive reporting dashboards help you with reporting survey results and presenting visually engaging business insights for almost any situation:

  • Distribute key performance metrics across an enterprise.
  • Create a feedback loop for voice of customer programs.
  • Monitor key employee satisfaction scores.
  • Track brand activity and media transactions.
  • Create interactive reporting dashboards for any of your data, not just survey data.

Dapresy dashboards have helped us tell a data story that is impactful and creative, but also concise. Our clients can use dynamic filters to search for information that is impossible to find with cross tabs; they can choose the data they want, filtering out the rest. Dapresy dashboards have helped Ad Hoc set ourselves apart from our competition.

Michel Berne
Partner & Co-Founder

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