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Voxco Multi-Mode gives you many different ways to reach respondents. All the modes are part of one centralized platform, so no matter how you survey respondents, the data stays in the same place (even on-premise!). The beauty of our survey tools is that you can build a system to meet your exact requirements today, and you can add components as needs evolve.

Greater efficiency for you

  • One unified survey solution. Don’t fuss with multiple vendors, and only require your staff to be proficient with one survey software platform. Less training, less maintenance, less headaches.
  • Collect data any way you want. Voxco has one of the industry’s most comprehensive suites of survey tools: phone surveys, mobile surveys, personal interviewing, web surveys, and IVR system.
  • Integrate extra tools. Voxco extras help you go further. Voxco Dialer helps drive call center productivity, and our survey results dashboards will make your insights shine.
  • Centralized survey authoring. Save time re-programming questionnaires. Script your survey once and simply deploy across all channels.
  • Custom hosting options. You choose: deploy Voxco solutions in your own environment or host them on Voxco secure servers. If business realities change, no problem: you can also change your hosting environment.
  • Many modes, one database. Simplify data analysis and reporting. Responses collected via different Voxco data collection channels are all stored in one centralized database.
  • Save time and money. Optimize your research operations and maximize your bottom line by centralizing your data collection survey software.
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More choice means better participation.

  • Multiple modes in one study. Respondents want options. Script a core questionnaire once, then let them decide by what means they want to complete the survey.
  • Country-level options. All countries are different, so not all data collection methods can be used everywhere. Voxco Multi-Mode enables you to run a centralized study using different survey tools and languages across countries.
  • Switch modes for sensitive subjects. Respondents could be resistant to answering an interviewer on sensitive topics. Put them at ease by seamlessly switching specific phone interview questions to be answered via self-completion tools like Voxco IVR or Voxco Online survey software.
  • Optimize recruitment. Voxco Multi-Mode allows you to optimize each part of a study. Recruit hard-to reach individuals via Voxco CATI then switch to an online survey, or vice versa. Integrate Voxco IVR to support 24/7 self-completion. Data follows respondents across channels.
  • Reach new respondents.  Engage with increasingly hard-to-reach demographic groups (e.g. Millennials) through Voxco Mobile solutions.
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Voxco Multi-Mode allows us to take what would have once been very difficult, if not impossible, and make it easy. Large-scale projects with hundreds of seats involving difficult to reach populations with several data collection modes are easily handled with Voxco Multi-Mode.

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