Cost-effective surveys and messaging.

Voxco IVR is a state-of-the-art Interactive Voice Response survey system. It gives you an easy and cost effective way to deliver self-completion surveys and automated messages to a broad audience.

In survey mode, respondents answer questionnaires any time they like through simple touch tone interaction on their phone. In messaging mode, the Voxco IVR system broadcasts messages for customer satisfaction programs.

Voxco IVR for surveys

Voxco IVR can be used as a standalone, self-completion survey option or in combination with other data collection modes. Either way it means you are available to your respondents 24 hours a day. Improving participation at a low cost.

Efficient self-completion surveys

With a Voxco IVR system, respondents can participate in a survey whenever they want. Participants simply answer pre-recorded questions through their telephone keypad. This reduces your cost of interviewer time, as well as of input and encoding. Self-completion IVR surveys can be used in different modes:

  • Inbound mode

    Respondents call into a phone number at their convenience and answer a short survey through their keypad. This is ideal for ongoing customer satisfaction programs based around a permanent phone number (e.g. a toll-free number on a receipt; after an event etc).

  • Outbound mode

    Voxco IVR places calls to respondents who then self-complete the pre-recorded survey.  This mode is well suited to measure satisfaction regarding a specific purchase or service among customers who have previously agreed to give their feedback.

  • Mixed mode

    The Voxco IVR system can also be used in combination with other survey tools.  For example, you can offer CATI phone survey participants the option to answer sensitive questions in privacy via a self-administered interactive voice response survey system. Then switch back to an interviewer to complete the original CATI phone survey from where they left off.

Manage incoming calls for CATI studies

When respondents call into your CATI telephone survey center, Voxco IVR lets you immediately address the incoming call. If no interviewer is available, the Voxco IVR system gives the respondent the options to hold for the next available agent or to reschedule – or you can add a custom option of your choice.

Outbound IVR for messaging

Voxco IVR can also be used to help you create customer satisfaction. Easily send recorded customer support messages tailored to a specific high-volume audience. Read about how a couple of our customers have benefited:

Build Community Relations

Better Community Service

Automate public service messaging

A small municipal public works department uses a Voxco IVR system to send recorded service messages to the 3,000 households in its community, including: boil-water advisories, road work and road closure alerts, etc.


Increased citizen satisfaction, enhanced public image, and improved service record.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improved Communication about Delivery

Streamline delivery processes

A furniture chain used IVR messaging to call customers the night before a delivery to specify a precise delivery time (within an hour). Before the IVR system, they could only provide clients with a delivery date but no specific time, frustrating their customers.


Significantly improved customer satisfaction: over 1 million calls, only 2 delivery complaints. Delivery efficiency is also improved because customers know exactly when to be at home.

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We have used Voxco IVR for surveys and for messaging programs for over 10 years. The software helps us grow our business beyond surveys, by helping clients with their customer satisfaction programs. We achieved this with no new investments, simply by leveraging the Voxco IVR system.

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