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Surveys are meant to be used to gather valuable data which directs organizations towards informed decision making. These decisions become more crucial when taken by public sector , civil servants , politicians and other government entities. 

These government bodies are at a position of authority to make decisions that apply to a number a people. Further , they have a responsibility of taking the right call and making sure that the actions taken by them are line with the opinion of the public that is likely to be impacted by such decisions. Added to this is the onus of addressing issues and solving problems that need careful consideration. 

Understanding mindset , gathering feedback and perception evaluation are just a few of the supportive characteristics that make surveys, a useful tool for any government agency. Surveys helps in hitting the right pain points to effectively collect relevant data along with an accurate analysis that makes the data actionable.

Benefits of using survey software for government surveys

With digital media expanding far and wide online survey software allows government bodies to reduce costs incurred in conducting huge surveys by using a centralized survey platform that helps design comprehensive surveys using multiple optimization tools to make the surveys thorough without compromising on quality. These surveys can be customized in terms of look and appeal,  make it easy to carry out functions like question and answer conditioning , piping , branching, skipping ,

Survey software allow the researching organizations to think beyond just respondents which are conveniently accessible. Unlike manual surveys, survey software collects data from respondents who can be reached easily without being restricted by borders. This is particularly useful for government surveys which require a large sample to accommodate maximum viewpoints .Moreover , the ability to design multilingual surveys increases the array of people who can be asked to participate. Organizations can make sure that surveys reach the respondents who are qualified and equipped with the information relevant to survey topics using the panel feature available on survey software platforms. 

The data collected remains protected with variable access important for classified data. This data can be analysed and converted into a suitable mode of presentation using the appropriate tools which are already present on omni-channel survey research platforms such as Voxco. The options are laid out at one place which reduces the effort of organization to spend time , effort and resources looking for tools that increase survey efficiency through meaningful evaluation.

All in all , a survey software is a concentrated space where each and every aspect that entails and assists an accurate research has been covered. Advanced survey methodologies such as CATI, IVR, Dialer among others are present for the researching organizations to choose from depending on what suits them best . All of the services that a survey software offers, substantially minimizes organizational effort allowing them to focus only on the decision making and strategizing which makes it a preferable choice.

Different examples of government surveys

There are multiple types of survey based on the nature of the topic each tries to cover. Based on such classification, some of the survey examples are as under:

Climate studies

Environmental issues are a hot topic under the current scenario of climate change. A range of respondents living in different climate and relief can be surveyed to obtain general feedback and assess the variability in perspective.

Political surveys

These can be used to collect responses about the general mindset of people from different communities about political preferences, gather opinions and obtain insights about how the public feels about the political landscape and what according to them needs to change.

Health and welfare surveys

Gathering public opinion on availability of healthcare services , infrastructure development ( hospitals, clinics etc), quality of services , prices charged etc sheds light upon  whether or not is there a need for intervention to invest and develop the facilities in order to improve healthcare standards and patient experience.

Community surveys

Understanding the needs and wants of a community requires public agencies to send out surveys that provide information about the livelihood lead by the people belonging to such communities along with inviting comments on how their current state can be improved based on first hand knowledge and investment in the right direction.

Demographic surveys

These types of surveys provide information about specified groups of people for the purpose of maintaining database. Multiple government bodies keep a database for the purpose of documentation and policy making formulated for certain targeted segments. Examples of such surveys include : household surveys , income surveys , education and literacy surveys , migration surveys etc .

Feedback surveys

Certain survey questionnaires are meant for gathering public opinion about events, websites , policies and decisions. They comprise of open ended questions where the respondents can provide an elaborated response without being limited by pre-defined answer choices. This gets analysed using qualitative analysis methods such as thematic analysis and word cloud for extracting key insights.

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Adopting a secure and robust platform by switching to digitization of survey research can help level up the trust factor between a government body and the general public. This is a vital characteristic that must be present in order for respondents to be open and genuine about their ideas , viewpoints and feedback. The respondents must be satisfied that the data that they provide is in safe hands and is well protected. Security and privacy is paramount, particularly when collecting demographic data that relates directly to the participant of the study.

A survey software such as Voxco values the importance that government research has and so, offers a variety of tools and solutions for diverse needs. Research gets carried out in an articulate manner without compromising the integrity of the information collected.

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