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What is a Survey Generator?

A survey generator, or a survey maker, is a digital tool that can automate different tasks regarding the creation, designing, distribution, and analysis of a survey. This tool has many features that facilitate the creation of a survey in a quicker and better manner. 

As businesses today are aware of the importance of collecting feedback, they can benefit from survey creation tools as they help them create professional and reliable surveys in shorter time-frames.

What are the Benefits of Using a Survey Generator?

The following are a few advantages of survey generators:

Ease in Survey Creation

Survey generators often have inbuilt analysis features that can predict how a particular survey will perform. This, and many other tools in survey generators, increase the ease at which surveys can be created.


Survey generators have many tools that can automate or speed the process of survey creation, distribution, and analysis.

In-Built Analytics

 Survey generators make it easier to identify insights from the data collected by using different data interpretation methods in order to outline patterns, correlations, and trends.


When compared to offline surveys, online surveys are significantly more cost-effective as the labour and material costs are significantly lower. Therefore, survey generators are very useful and companies can employ them to conduct repetitive workplace, consumer, and employee surveys.

Low-Code Platform

Making surveys from scratch can be a tedious task especially if you have little to no experience with coding. With survey generators, even non-coders can create professional-looking surveys.

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Why is Survey Generator Important?

Survey generators allow anyone to create professional surveys without the use of professional coders. It’s a tool that helps elevate the survey creation process by making it faster and easier. Additionally, many survey generating tool today also make the process of data analysis effortless through features that identify different trends and patterns from survey data.

What are the Major Features of Survey Generator?

Let’s look at some of the major features that a good survey generator must have:

Useful and Relevant Survey Templates

A good survey generator will have a set of existing survey templates that help kickstart the process of survey creation. These templates must have a good mix of standard questions, such as those required in an NPS and CSAT survey.

Ability to Integrate Multimedia

It’s important to use a survey generator that facilitates the integration of multimedia such as video, audio, and image in your survey to enhance the survey-taking experience for your respondents. Multimedia can make surveys more interesting, and increase the survey response rate.

Survey Logic

This is a tool in survey generators that enables respondents to skip entire sections of a survey that are inapplicable to them. For instance, if a section requires responses from a specific demographic, survey logic will filter out respondents that are not a part of this demographic so that they don’t waste time answering questions that aren’t applicable to them in the first place.

Customization and Branding

Any good survey maker tool will provide features that allow you to brand your surveys. It is important to choose a survey software that allows you to insert your logo and change background colours, among other aesthetic changes, so that you can customize your survey to your brand.

Support for Multiple Languages

People will be more likely to participate in a survey that is in their first language as that’s the language they are most comfortable in. Therefore, providing multilingual support can significantly boost response rates, especially for surveys that are being conducted across countries or continents.


The way questions are aligned may influence the responses of certain respondents. Having a feature that randomises question options helps eliminate this bias caused by question order, helping you obtain more reliable and useful results from your survey.


If a respondent’s device crashes or freezes and their answers get deleted, they will have to input their responses all over again. This may frustrate or demotivate them, potentially causing them to drop out from the survey altogether. Having the Auto-Save feature will prevent this from happening as it will save respondents’ answers as they type them in.

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.