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Weighting and balancing

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What do you mean by weighting and balancing?

Sample bias in survey responses occurs when you have a question which logically categorizes the respondents, and the audience is inclined more towards a particular category/categories than the others. This results in biased survey results, meaning, you get data that favors more to a single category.

With weighting and balancing features in surveys, you can eliminate the above sample bias. This works after you have captured survey data, to evenly represent the population. You just must frame one question that will directly define the sample bias, and then weight and balance it to remove any possible sample biases.

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Example of weighting and balancing

Using weighting and balancing in surveys

The obvious use of weighting and balancing is to eliminate sample bias from survey results. That does help with making accurate data-driven decisions. You do not have to worry about considering the data that could be biased or skewed, as all such data is discarded as you get survey results. 

Weighting and balancing are commonly used for demographic questions related to age, gender, location, education, marital status, income, family size, etc.

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Advantages of weighting and balancing survey responses

  • Weighting and balancing in surveys helps you to eliminate demographic bias, and focus on a particular category of people. 
  • Psychographic biases can also be eliminated through weighting and balancing in surveys.
  • With all that bias being eliminated, you can make appropriate decisions for your target audience.

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