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Video Survey Questions: Embrace Engagement

Engage respondents and lower drop-off rates with engaging video surveys.

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Keeping pace with technological advancements and changes in human behavior, the survey method has also evolved. One significant development is the incorporation of video questions in surveys. 

Video survey questions take the traditional survey experience to a new level by allowing you to add video to your online surveys. This shift has helped researchers make surveys more inclusive and accessible across the world. 

In this article, we’ll explore more about video questions and learn about their advantages. 

What is a Video survey question?

A video survey question is one which has one or more videos embedded. These videos are used to illustrate a point or to create a context, and on that basis, the respondent is asked questions. 

Video surveys allow researchers to transfer a lot of information to respondents in a short timeframe and are much more engaging as well. This ensures lower drop-off rates in your surveys.

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An example of Video questions in a survey

Video survey

Refer to the screenshot for an example of video survey questions. As you can see, the survey is collecting feedback on music for an upcoming vacation. Instead of putting the respondent through the trouble of searching for the song and listening to it on their own, a video survey allows them to view the song within the survey itself, reducing the possibility that the respondent may abandon the survey in frustration.

Where can you use video survey questions?

Video survey questions are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of instances. They can be used to inform customers about a topic on which they can then be quizzed. 

Video surveys can also be used to show new features, products, or services and then take respondent feedback about the same. 

In market research, where understanding consumer behavior and preference is crucial, video questions provide a more immersive way to gather insights. It can help you capture their attention, keep them engaged, and make the survey accessible to people of different languages. 

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What are the advantages of using video survey questions?

Let’s look into some advantages of using video questions in your surveys. 

1. More engaging surveys: 

Video surveys can quickly capture your respondents’ attention and keep them on track. 

2. Better response rate: 

Surveys with videos in them are likely to have a higher response rate, and you get access to a much wider demographic for your surveys. 

3. More reliable feedback: 

With videos embedded in your surveys, it’s virtually impossible for customers to not understand the context of the survey. 

4. Flexibility: 

Video surveys can be used in several scenarios. They are great tools for helping improve customer knowledge about your offerings.

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The rise of video survey questions is an exciting development that is also a testament to the evolution of survey methods with technological advancement. By embracing video questions, you can design engaging, accessible, inclusive, and insightful surveys and gather more nuanced data. 

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