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What is a timer question?

A timer question comes with a countdown timer that can help to track the time a respondent spends to answer that survey. In timer questions, the respondents are supposed to complete that question within the defined set of time limits. The respondents can check the preset time limit before the beginning of the survey. Once the timer runs out, the survey automatically gets closed without taking the final response. You can set the minimum and maximum time limit for timer questions.

Example of Timer Questions

You want to understand the customer purchasing patterns from your grocery store. The timer question is set at 2 minutes. The question asked can be:

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Where are timer questions used?

The timer questions can be used in online tests, quizzes, or competitions where the respondents are not supposed to take external help. It helps to collect the right information without any amendments. Adding timer questions help to ensure there are no unscrupulous activities happening in the survey. 

As survey design is an intricate process that requires thorough brainstorming, it’s important to ensure that the survey collects enough responses. So, you need to set up the right time limit for a particular question while creating a survey. If the time limit that you’ve set is too short, respondents will not be able to answer the question in that case, leading to the accumulation of inefficient & incomplete data. Thus, timer questions play a crucial role in not only determining the pace of the survey but also the data accuracy.

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What are the advantages of using timer questions?

High completion & Low dropout rate: As the timer questions come with a definite time limit, respondents try to answer all of them quickly which results in high completion rates. As the timer starts ticking at the moment a question appears, respondents cannot leave it in middle, thereby reducing dropout rates.

High-quality responses: When respondents are given a specified timeframe to answer a question, they usually come up with the first idea that comes to their mind. That response is absolutely pure and free from any bias.

No external help means more valid responses: As the respondents get limited time to answer a question, there’s no scope of seeking external help which elevates the validity of their responses.

Enhanced Attention: On using timer questions in your surveys, respondents are likely to pay full attention to the question while answering them. For instance, you can include a video in your survey that you’d like your respondents to watch. Without watching that video, the respondent cannot answer the subsequent question in the survey.

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