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What do you mean by a survey progress bar?

Respondents generally love to be on track of the time they are investing in answering your survey. To make this possible for them, there is a functionality within surveys known as survey progress bars. As the name suggests, this progress bar sits on top or bottom of the survey and calculates the percentage of the survey completed by the respondent. It does that based on the total number of pages in the survey and how much the respondents have completed. 

Survey progress bars help respondents to manage their time accordingly. When you have only one page in your survey, the progress bar will always be 100%. Hence, it is advised to use a progress bar when there are multiple pages in your survey. When the respondent goes to next pages by clicking on “Next” or “Submit” buttons, the progress bar is again calculated for the progress. 

Survey progress bars are customizable in color, style and position of placement on the survey pages, however it is appealing to the respondents.

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Examples of survey progress bars

Uses of survey progress bar

Surveys can go longer than usual most of the time. In such situations, it is good to let the respondent know how much of it is remaining, so they are prepared to invest that much time. Or else, most of them end up abandoning the survey. 

To make it more appealing, you can customize the survey progress bar to match with your brand aesthetics. It will help your business to brand itself in the customer minds.

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Advantages of survey progress bars

  • Respondents love to see their progress as they perform. Providing a survey progress bar for the same will motivate them to complete the survey. 
  • It gives them an idea about how long the survey is going to be, so they can manage their time accordingly and then decide to complete the survey.
  • Online surveys make it possible to give the respondents an estimated time it will take to complete the surveys. Whereas telephonic or other types of survey does not allow this transparency. 
  • When the respondent is pre-informed with the survey length, they manage to focus on giving honest and genuine answers. This will help you get quality data and rightful insights.

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