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What is survey panel integration in surveys?

Surveys are usually conducted by an in-house panel who has knowledge of respondents and company’s research. Although, certain organizations may seem to use a third-party team and let them handle the survey part of the research. This is known as panel integration in surveys.

A survey panel refers to a group of people who come forward to collaborate their feedback and experiences of the survey. A survey panel is built when you have your data resources like customers, employees, groups members, students, etc. at hand and ready to research. Through panel integration, it is possible to buy a sample size and use it to conduct your survey on.

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Example of survey panel integration

A product-based company sells their products in the market to a customer base. The company database has customer information, and they decide to conduct surveys on product reviews or feedback. The company then drives out a sample size based on a category of customers. These customers are those who have purchased the product from the brand and are using it for a while now. 

The company then approaches the third-party vendor to conduct the survey and gather data. This gathered data is then integrated with the company data analysis tools to conclude insights and results from the data collected by the survey panel. Most of the time, these third-party panels even help you out with getting a proper respondent sample, if you are a small company with no firm customer base.

Uses of survey panel integration

Most organizations focus on gathering as much data as possible. Afterall, more data means more accurate insights and results. For the same reason, it is important to have the best representation of the population as possible to contribute to your survey.

External survey panels help organizations with gathering the right respondents to the right data from surveys.

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Advantages of survey panel integration in surveys

  • Having multiple survey panels conduct surveys for you, and then integrating them simultaneously helps you get large data. It saves you time and efforts that would go out in conducting all those surveys. 
  • Using panel integration, you can get a larger respondent size. This enhances the quality of your survey data and reaches out to as many people as possible. 
  • For organizations who are not yet comfortable with maintaining a survey panel, appointing a third-party panel makes perfect sense. This way, there is someone else managing the respondents and survey data for you.

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