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What is survey chaining?

It is not always possible to include a vast survey topic under just one survey. Doing so would just make the survey long with most of the questions irrelevant to the respondents who chose just one answer option. 

Survey chaining is used to link different multiple surveys to one main survey whose routing is dependent on the answer option chosen by the respondents. Survey chaining is the best tool to keep research topics apart from each other and make the respondents take the survey which only defines their answer choice.  

The mechanism of the chaining logic all runs behind the scenes and the respondent will just get a smooth routing experience.

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Example of survey chaining

Uses of survey chaining

One of the biggest uses of chaining surveys is the survey reusability. Chaining skip logic can be reused for the existing questions.

Chaining surveys also makes it possible to route the current questionnaire to another one to ask more detailed questions about the respondent’s selected option.

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Advantages of survey chaining

  • As rewriting the questions becomes unnecessary, chaining survey logic helps the creators to keep the survey short and concise. 
  • Along with that, maintaining the survey logic becomes easy. Without chaining surveys, the survey creators would have to change the questionnaires according to the answer option selected by the respondents.

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