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In today’s data-driven world, star-rating survey questions have become a familiar and powerful means of gathering feedback. You’ve probably encountered them while rating products, services, or even experiences. These surveys, often using a 1 to 5-star scale, are a quick and efficient way for businesses to collect essential information. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of star-rating surveys and how to create a compelling 5-star survey template to harness their potential.

What is a star rating survey question?

Star rating survey questions are a common and straightforward method of collecting feedback from customers, clients, or respondents in various settings. These questions ask respondents to assign a numerical rating, typically in the form of stars, to a product, service, or experience. The scale typically ranges from 1 to 5 stars, with 1 representing the lowest rating and 5 the highest. These surveys have gained immense popularity due to their simplicity, ease of use, and effectiveness in gathering valuable insights.

How to Create an Effective 5-Star Survey Template

Define Your Objectives: Before crafting a 5-star survey, clearly define your goals. What aspect of your product or service are you seeking feedback on? Do you want to measure overall satisfaction, individual features, or specific interactions?

Choose the Right Scale: The traditional 1 to 5 star scale is the most common, but you can also use a 1 to 7 or 1 to 10 scale. However, the 5-star scale is widely recognized and understood.

Ask Specific Questions: Make sure your questions are specific and relevant. Instead of a generic “Rate our service,” consider asking, “How satisfied are you with the speed of our customer support?”

Include Open-Ended Questions: While star ratings provide quantitative data, include open-ended questions to collect qualitative insights. For example, “What can we do to improve our service?”

Keep It Concise: To maximize response rates, keep your survey short and focused. Avoid overwhelming respondents with a long list of questions.

Mobile-Friendly Design: Ensure that your survey is mobile-responsive, as many people access surveys on their smartphones.

Test and Iterate: Before launching your 5-star survey, test it with a small group and make necessary adjustments. Collect feedback on the survey itself to improve the user experience.

Analyze and Act: Once you’ve collected responses, analyze the data and take actionable steps based on the feedback received. This is where the real value of star rating surveys shines.

Example of Star Rating

Suppose an online store for luxury watches is conducting a survey to know which brands do their customers like the most. A star rating question can be included here:

Survey question 17

Where is Star Rating used?

Star rating questions are an essential part of every survey which is created to solicit customer feedback and preferences. By using star rating questions, it gets easy to uncover the customer perceptions about a product or a service, i.e. if they like it, or dislike it, and to what extent. 

As most of the respondents hate to answer open-ended questions in surveys, a star rating question is a simple closed-ended question which they love to answer. Without involving any extra effort, a star rating question allows the respondents to provide feedback about a specific product/service. This question type is preferred by all industries for conducting their surveys.

When should you use the star rating question?

Star rating questions are popularly used by service industries such as customer services, hotels, restaurants, etc. It allows for a quick assessment of customer satisfaction and evaluation of the quality of service/product. 

The best time to send a star rating survey is right after an interaction, for example, post-delivery, when a customer is dropped off at their destination, or after they pay the bill in your store. Since respondents can quickly fill in a star rating question, you can leverage it by sending the survey at regular intervals to track customer satisfaction.

What are the advantages of using Star Rating?

1. Engaging:

Respondents hate to answer boring surveys. Using star rating empowers researchers to create different and unique styles of questions and answers that make the surveys more intuitive as well as interactive. With the use of animation, this question type can help to engage respondents without any extra effort.

2. Easy and fast: 

As respondents don’t have to write or elaborate their answers, using a star rating question lets them click on the stars for rating the attribute. This makes the process fast and saves a lot of time.

3. Effective analysis: 

While every star owns some value that is used to calculate the required data, using a star rating question helps to seamlessly calculate effective insights. It also plays a pivotal role in generating reports, which is otherwise a tedious task for most of the question types. So, it streamlines the entire process of survey data collection and evaluation. 

4. High response rates: 

As star-rating survey questions look more visually pleasing than the regular multiple-choice or matrix drop-down questions, they offer an exclusive way of gathering feedback. As respondents prefer to answer star-rating questions, they don’t drop the survey in between, which contributes to high response rates.

5. Impact on brand reputation:

The rating can help you highlight positive reviews and high ratings to prospects and impact brand reputation. You can use it as a way to gather positive reviews to nurture customer trust. 

Common mistakes to avoid when writing star rating questions

When creating a star rating survey, it’s vital to be aware of common pitfalls that can undermine the effectiveness of your survey. 

  1. Leading question: 

Avoid using any word that may encourage respondents to answer in a certain way. For instance. “How much did you love our app?”

  1. Double-barreled question: 

Make sure your question doesn’t focus on two or more ideas at once. For instance, “How would you rate the product quality and packaging?” 

  1. Vague language: 

Don’t simply say “rate us” or use unambiguous words to pose your survey question. It’s important to use precise language to ensure respondents understand what they need to evaluate

Type of star rating survey questions

Let’s export the versatile use cases of star rating questions. 

  1. Overall satisfaction: “How satisfied are you with your experience in our airlines?”
  2. Specific feature rating: “How would you rate the battery life of our gaming switch?”
  3. Customer service rating: “Please rate the helpfulness of our customer service agent.”

Analyzing Your Star Rating Survey Data

With Voxco’s dashboard, you can visualize your results in a spider chart, providing a clear overview of the ratings. It breaks down the number of responses, average scores for each option, and an overall average. 

Additionally, you can see the distribution of 1-star, 2-star, and other ratings, along with corresponding percentages. You can also customize chart types for tailored data representation. For in-depth analysis, delve into analytics, including mean, standard deviation, and standard error. These features empower businesses to act on feedback, make informed decisions, and continuously enhance their products and services, all with the help of Voxco’s user-friendly tools.


Star rating survey questions are a powerful tool for businesses and organizations to gather feedback, measure customer satisfaction, and make informed decisions. By creating a well-designed 5-star survey template and leveraging the insights you collect, you can continuously improve your offerings and provide a better experience for your customers. So, don’t underestimate the impact of those little stars, Voxco can play a pivotal role in streamlining the process of conducting star rating surveys and deriving actionable insight for your business. 

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