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What is Star Rating?

Being a highly popular variety of rating question, star rating enables the respondents to rank the answer choices using a 5-point scale. The 5-point visual scale is usually represented by stars, thumbs up, hearts, or even smiles for rating the different attributes. Every icon in the star rating carries some weight which helps to calculate the weighted average at the end of the survey. By enabling respondents to seamlessly evaluate a statement on a star rating scale,  these question types are usually preferred in feedback surveys due to their simplicity and ease of use.

Example of Star Rating

Suppose an online store for luxury watches is conducting a survey to know which brands do their customers like the most. A star rating question can be included here:

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Where is Star Rating used?

Star rating questions are an essential part of every survey which is created to solicit customer feedback and preferences. By using star rating questions, it gets easy to uncover the customer perceptions about a product or a service, i.e. if they like it, or dislike it, and to what extent. 

As most of the respondents hate to answer open-ended questions in surveys, a star rating question is a simple closed-ended question which they love to answer. Without involving any extra effort, a star rating question allows the respondents to provide feedback about a specific product/service. This question type is preferred by all industries for conducting their surveys.

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What are the advantages of using Star Rating?

Engaging: Respondents hate to answer boring surveys. Using star rating empowers researchers to create different and unique styles of questions and answers that make the surveys more intuitive as well as interactive. With the use of animation, this question type can help to engage respondents without any extra effort.

Easy and fast: As respondents don’t have to write or elaborate their answers, using a star rating question lets them click on the stars for rating the attribute. This makes the process fast and saves a lot of time.

Effective Analysis: While every star owns some value that is used to calculate the required data, using a star rating question helps to seamlessly calculate effective insights. It also plays a pivotal role in generating reports which is otherwise a tedious task for most of the question types. So, it streamlines the entire process of survey data collection and evaluation. 

High Response Rates: As star rating questions look more visually pleasing than the regular multiple-choice or matrix drop-down questions, they offer an exclusive way of gathering feedback. As respondents prefer to answer star rating questions, they don’t drop the survey in between which contributes to high response rates.

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