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What is a smiley face question, and how does it work in a survey/questionnaire?

Smiley face survey questions are a simple visual technique of sharing one’s experience, feedback or opinions with a concerned party. Smiley

It is a straightforward way of communicating emotions in feedback or satisfaction surveys. These are extremely easy and take little time for respondents to answer. 

A typical Smiley face question has a text question or a request for the user to “rate” a product, service, or any aspect of their interaction with a company.

The user can choose between several smiley faces which would best represent their satisfaction level with the topic at hand.

Smiley face survey example

Let’s say you’re the manager of a restaurant and you’ve introduced a new dish in your menu. You’re not sure what your customers feel about it. Sure, some have been vocal in their praise, but what about the ones who’ve simply had their meal and gone about their day? 

This is where a simple smiley face survey question can do the trick. 

You can frame the questions as

q) What did you think about the new dish you’d tried yesterday?

The respondents can choose a response from a series of smiley faces as shown below:

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The “happier” the face they have chosen, the more satisfied they are with the food they had consumed.

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What are the advantages of a smiley face survey questions?

Straightforward: These survey questions are extremely simple for respondents to answer, and take very little time to complete. As it is graphical, it can be used to query most demographics.

Lower drop-off rates: Short, simple surveys featuring smiley face questions are likely to have higher survey completes.

Versatile: These survey questions can be integrated into virtually any scenario for almost any type of product or service or interaction.

Where can you use Smiley Face surveys?

This survey type is extremely versatile and can be used in several scenarios- Any use case in which researchers need to gauge a respondent’s satisfaction can leverage smiley face survey questions. 

You can use Smiley faces to answer NPS® or CSAT surveys as well.

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