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What is a slider survey question, and how does it work in a survey/questionnaire?

Slider scale questions in a survey allow respondents to choose their answer by dragging a pointer or marker along a scale. These are graphical rating questions. Respondents will not have to input anything via their keyboard.

Slider survey question example

Slider question

Consider that you are surveying your respondents on how much they would like to spend on gifts for their friends or their relatives while on vacation. You can simply insert a slider survey question here. This works well because even if respondents don’t have a definite answer, seeing the options on the slider will trigger a response or intent.

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What are the advantages of using slider survey questions?

Easy to answer: Slider questions are extremely simple to answer, for virtually any respondent. It takes little effort or knowledge to answer them.

Responsive: This survey question can be easily used on mobile/tablet or laptop surveys, which gives your survey a wider reach.

Get feedback on more attributes: Researchers can easily attach multiple sliders in a single question, thereby getting feedback on multiple attributes on the same topic.

Where can you use slider questions in a survey?

Slider survey questions are generally used when there are multiple answers to a question. The answers may all be correct to some degree, with the respondents having the opportunity to choose the answer closest to what they have in mind. These questions are engaging, and help break up the monotony of your typical survey.

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