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What is a single textbox?

A single textbox question includes a small textbox that respondents use for providing answers. Being highly used for asking short, open-ended questions, a single textbox comes with a specified answer length. Intended for gathering small pieces of information like name, place, date, or any email address, a single textbox enables participants to type their individual responses.

Example of a single textbox

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Where is a single textbox used?

In today’s time, respondents need a survey platform that lets them give answers on their own. On sharing a predefined list of answer choices, respondents don’t get a chance to share their individual feedback. Moreover, in the case of gathering unique information (like name, age, occupation, email IDs, income, etc.) where every attribute varies among the respondents, using a single textbox can prove to be extremely beneficial. This question type also empowers the researchers to specify the format of the answers.

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What are the advantages of using a single textbox?

A unique set of answers: As there is no predefined range of answer choices, single textbox questions let respondents share their unique answers without any restriction. This makes the respondents feel valued and they happily participate in the survey.

Easy to answer understand: Being considered as one of the easiest question types that users love to respond to, single textbox questions are preferred in almost every survey where there’s a need to collect short-form data. 

More accurate answers: With no predefined answer choices, respondents are free to answer in their unique way, i.e. the way they want. While there’s no risk of answer options not resonating with the respondent’s opinions (as in the case of close-ended questions), respondents are likely to provide valid and accurate answers. 

Uncover personas effectively: By allowing respondents to answer in a single textbox, using this question type helps to seamlessly uncover the personas. This can empower you to develop a better understanding of your respondents by knowing about their name, age, email address, etc.

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