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What is a “Single answer survey question” and how does it work in a Survey/questionnaire?

Single answer survey questions are some of the most common questions one can find in online surveys. Essentially, respondents get to choose a “single answer” from a list of answers for the question at hand. These are extremely versatile survey questions, and can be used in almost any scenario, in any context. 

Example of single answer survey questions

single answer survey

Let’s consider you’re a travel agency which held a contest, with the prize being a free trip. You wish to let the winner choose their destination from a list of options. A single answer survey question would work extremely well here in understanding the winners’ preference for their prize.

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What are the advantages of single answer survey questions?

Flexible usage: These are extremely flexible and versatile question types, and can be used in any type of survey, and on any type of device. 

Objectivity from respondents: As respondents can only choose a single answer, they are forced to give object answers. This gives more accurate results.

Can get results quickly: Single answer survey questions are extremely quick to respond to. Respondents don’t have to waste any time trying to conjure up responses as the choices are made available to them from the start.

Easily comprehensible: This survey question type has a simple layout and is easy to understand and answer for most, if not all respondents.

Where can you use single answer survey questions?

Single answer questions are ideally used when there are clear distinct options for the respondent to choose from. Survey creators need to ensure that the choices offered to the respondent are precise.

They are best used in the following type of surveys

  • Demographic surveys
  • Political polls
  • Quizzes 
  • Yes/No surveys

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