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What is a Signature Capture?

The signature capture is a question type used for adding the digital signature of the survey respondents in the questionnaire. Comprising of an open box that respondents use to give their signature, this question type can be effectively added on the touch screen of devices like laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or iPad. Moreover, you can drag and drop the digital signature option (if it already exists in your system), thereby streamlining the process of signature attesting.

Example of a Signature Capture

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Where is a Signature Capture used?

In today’s time where surveys or questionnaires are conducted over a global scale (spanning across multiple countries), it is not possible to authenticate the responses. Using a signature capture in surveys can help to solve that issue to a great extent. This question type is highly used while conducting surveys or interviews on the field. On getting the answer options from the respondents, the researchers can input them and collect their signatures through touch screens.  This helps to swiftly gather required data in a short timeframe.

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What are the advantages of using a Signature Capture?

Adds authenticity: On conducting surveys at a mass level (outside shopping centers, theatres, or anywhere across the world), this question type plays a crucial role in gathering authentic responses. Intending to add credibility to all the generated responses, it is highly used in most field surveys. 

Accurate & true data: By capturing the digital signature of the survey respondents, this question type minimizes the risk of data being dodged. Also, capturing digital signatures empower the researchers to keep a tab on the responses and compare them too. 

Quick data collection: This question type is specially used in market research surveys where there is a huge list of respondents. By gathering answers from the respondents, input them by yourself, and getting their signatures at the end helps to speed up the research process. 

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