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What is Show or Hide Questions logic?

A show or hide question logic enables you to show or hide the questions in your survey based on the answers given by the respondents in the previous questions. By filtering out the irrelevant questions and delivering a customized experience, this functionality plays a key role in improving the survey flow, no matter what the question type is.

Example of Show or Hide Questions logic

Consider a retailer that wants to conduct a survey and ask its customers to select their favorite brand for handbags. The content of the survey would be: 

Survey question 08
Show or Hide Questions 43

After applying the show/hide logic, the next question will be:

Survey question 09
Show or Hide Questions 44

See the Show or Hide Questions in action

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Where is Show or Hide Questions logic used?

Respondents hate to answer surveys with irrelevant questions. To make the respondents feel valued and provide them with a consistent experience, it’s important to hide irrelevant questions. Using show or hide question logic makes the entire process very effortless. By offering relevant questions to your respondents, they stay excited (don’t get irritated) which further elevates their survey-taking experience. 

The show or hide question logic also helps to deliver a personalized experience to the respondents. Depending on the answers given previously, it enables you to ask customized questions pertaining to the interest of the respondents. For example, in a product evaluation survey conducted by an e-commerce store, the administrators can hide the questions related to clothing from the shoppers who invested in electronics.

What are the advantages of Show or Hide Questions logic?

Relevant and ideal questions: Irrelevant questions in surveys drive respondents crazy. While answering a survey, if they get to see questions that do not resonate with their choices, they’re most likely to drop out or give poor feedback. Using Hide/Show questions logic helps to filter out the irrelevant questions from the survey. This makes the survey seem on-point and the respondents feel valued while answering them. 

Less time and effort: As administrators don’t have to figure out and distinguish the questions for different sets of the target audience, they can create one survey with all the questions and display them accordingly as per the scenario. This logic helps to save a lot of their time & effort. 

Enhanced Experience: By hiding the extraneous and not so relevant questions, the survey length gets reduced automatically. Moreover, the respondents can easily answer questions that match well to their preferences. This helps to elevate their overall survey experience.

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