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What do you mean by sending thank you emails in surveys?

There are thank you pages at the end of surveys, which serves the purpose of appreciating the respondent’s time and effort in completing the survey. Another automated tool is thank you email notifications.

A thank you email notification is an automated email framed to be sent out to every respondent who takes the survey. This defined email is sent to the respondents as soon as they submit the survey, with the help of custom variables. Thank you email notifications are configured just to let the respondents know that you are grateful for their time and efforts put in your survey.

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Example of thank you emails

Let’s say a brand launched a new product in the market. It then forms a sample size of the population who bought the product and conducts a survey asking for the product review. The survey includes rating and satisfaction questions regarding various product features. 

Once the respondents complete the survey, the brand decides to fire the below thank you email to each one of them.

Uses of sending thank you emails after surveys

As the name suggests, thank you emails are used for nothing but to express gratitude to the respondents for taking the survey, and investing time and efforts in the same. For customer-centric organizations, this method proves to be effective as it lets the customers know that they are being appreciated and listened to. When they get a personal email from the brand, it assures them of the accountability of taking their views and opinions into consideration.

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Advantages of automated thank you emails

  • Gratification – thank you emails let you express your gratitude towards your survey respondents. In this way, your respondents feel appreciated and valued, especially when there is no reward for it. 
  • Information – the thank you emails use custom variables from the surveys. Meaning, it picks the parts from surveys and uses it in the email to address those. This way, the respondents get the email with added information that they might need. 
  • Survey response rates – when respondents notice that they are being appreciated and acknowledged for their issues and opinions, they feel motivated to take the future surveys that may come. This boosts the response rates of your surveys.

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