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What do you mean by reminder emails for surveys?

It is pretty obvious from the name reminder emails, that they are sent to the respondents to remind them about answering the survey. Survey reminder emails are sent to the audience after sending survey invitation emails. They are used to keep a track on the audience survey responses and make sure they end up answering the survey. 

You cannot assume all respondents to be free when they receive survey invitation emails and answer it right away. Most of the time people leave it for later or forget to open it and read the mail. By sending a survey reminder email, you are reminding them to answer your survey if they haven’t already.

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Types of reminder emails for surveys

  • One-time reminder emails – one-time reminder emails are sent once depending on when you want to send them. You can decide to send the emails instantly or you can schedule it for later. It is advised to send the reminder emails in bulk, to more respondents together which makes it easier to track and manage emails. 
  • Automated reminder emails – automated reminder emails are scheduled to be sent out to the respondents on a fixed day and time. With collaborating with an online survey software, you can customize the automated email to send to only those respondents who haven’t answered the survey yet.

Examples of survey reminder emails

Uses of survey reminder emails

Customer feedback surveys can be benefited through sending automated survey reminder emails to the customers who haven’t responded to the surveys yet. As customer feedback is conducted regularly in fixed intervals, automated reminder emails can be scheduled to go out.

Also, universities can use reminder emails for reminding the students to take the course evaluation surveys on a timely basis.

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Advantages of survey reminder emails

  • High survey completion rates – with reminding respondents to take your survey, you ultimately increase the survey response rates too. You help the respondents with letting them know how their opinion matters and would be grateful to receive their responses. 
  • Brand image – by sending reminder emails, you let the respondents know that you as a brand are keeping track of the survey activities. Ultimately building a strong brand image.

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