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What is quota management?

Response quota is the limit imposed on the total number of responses a survey can get. Whereas quota management is a way to limit the responses you get for each option of a question. Managing quota means adding logic through programs in your survey. 

Let’s say you want an equal number of people having some health problems and those having no health problems to respond to your survey. Through quota management you can limit the responses to each option and then terminate the responses on criteria. 

Quota management for answer options allows you to be in control of the survey flow and limit the number of responses on each answer option. You can see how many respondents net the quota and then issue the next section of action for the survey. Meaning, once the limit is reached, you can terminate the survey responses or delete the extra responses.

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Example of quota management

Uses of quota management in surveys

There might be cases where the sample size is uneven and biased. Using quota management, you can measure the responses coming for all the answer options and then terminate the responses based on an equal number of responses for each option. This will prevent any skewing in data and results of the survey.

Quota management asks you to collect proportionate responses based on a demographic segment for each answer option. For example, an ecommerce website wants to conduct a survey on website engagement. They will ask a qualifier question if the respondent is a desktop user or a mobile user. Based on that the query will decide their mode of shopping. So, when the mobile option reaches its limit, the respondents are made to choose the desktop option.

Types of quota management in surveys

  • Automatic – automatic quota management limits the number of responses on the survey.
  • Complex – complex quota control, also known as weighted quota control focuses on setting up quota on responses to multiple questions and customer variables. 
  • Customer variable – customer variable quota management sets quota based on responses to various custom variables. 
  • Dynamic – dynamic quota control allows you to keep a count of responses for each answer option in the survey.

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Advantages of quota management

  • Quota management allows you to collect accurate data by gathering precise data from the respondents.
  • Proportionate data helps you to collect from the sample of an entire population. This will help you get accurate results from the surveys.
  • Apart from this, you can add quota to your survey even after it is live. You can also increase or decrease the limit of responses to every answer option by editing the quota set up for it.
  • You can set a limit on the number of rewards for the respondents for taking the survey. For example, you decide to give rewards to the first 10 respondents.

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