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What is a “predictive survey question”, and how does it work in a survey or questionnaire?

Predictive survey questions are those which automatically do a best guess response on whatever your respondent is typing in the response box. They are extremely useful and popular as they save a lot of time for respondents in completing surveys. 

What are the advantages of predictive survey questions?

Reduced effort for respondents: These survey questions automatically start populating the response box the moment a respondent inputs their very first character. The respondent can search from a list that pops up for their survey. 

Better survey complete rates: Predictive survey questions help improve your survey complete rates, as they greatly reduce the time and effort for respondents to complete surveys. 

Standardized answers: As you are essentially suggesting responses, you are likely to get more streamlined answers, which will help save time in the analysis stage.

Where can you use predictive survey questions?

Predictive questions can be used in surveys where you have to ensure that your respondents don’t deviate too far from a pre-established baseline in their responses. 

It is well suited to industry and domain specific surveys, as it allows researchers to pre select answers that would be only from the domain of their choosing, but don’t force the respondent to select from a small pool of choices. 

Predictive survey questions are also extremely useful in demographic based questions. Should you want to limit your respondents to a certain region or ethnicity etc., this survey question can help you predefine your parameters for inclusion. This can enable researchers to ensure only those who meet their chosen parameters can proceed with the survey.

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Predictive survey question example

Let’s say you’re a travel agent who wants to know where their target audience would like to go for a vacation next. However, you’d like to limit their choices to countries in Europe. You can’t be sure about your respondent’s knowledge of geography which is why simply asking them to type out their responses can lead to inaccurate data. 

This is where Predictive surveys can save the day. You can ask their customers to choose their preferred destination by typing in the response box. The response section will only prompt countries within Europe, essentially directing the respondent into a path you’d like.

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