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Create interactive polls and capture unbiased voices with Voxco Online Poll Maker. Design a branded poll in seconds and share it across any channel to conduct market research or gather votes.

What is an Online Poll Maker?

The online poll maker has a similar use as survey software. It allows you to create quick, interactive polls and efficiently collect data from a diverse audience via multiple channels. 

Polls are generally composed of closed-ended questions such as single or multiple-choice questions or even rating scales. This allows respondents to offer their feedback instantly and not spend much time on the poll. 

The best online poll maker should allow you to create a branded poll, offer access to a wide range of question types, share it across many channels, and generate real-time insights.

What are the different types of polls?

Since the first use of polls in the early 1920s, polls have become a popular method to gather data in various industries like healthcare, government, retail, travel, etc. The polls have evolved from simply having the purpose of gathering votes. So here are three types of polls for different purposes.

Online Poll Makers Thurstone scale

1. Opinion Polls: A simple survey designed to gather public opinion. It helps gather feedback from a particular sample that represents a large population. 

You can use opinion polls on an audience sample to gather general opinions.

2. Straw Polls: Conducting an ad hoc survey to determine the viability of an idea is an example of a straw poll. Marketers often use straw polls to evaluate if an idea has enough support from the audience before they spend more resources on it.

3. Fun Polls: These polls are used as icebreakers to brighten and lighten an official event. Fun polls focus more on boosting engagement and creating positive energy than collecting data. 

These polls are often used in the office environment to onboard new employees and learn about each other. 

4. Political Polls: Conducted to measure the pulse of the public during an election. Often you will see exit and entry polls conducted on voters. These polls help predict the result of the election before the winner is declared.

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Why should you use a poll to gather feedback?

Polls are short, so it helps gather instant feedback. These can be uploaded as a website pop-up or shared on social media platforms. As a marketer or social researcher, you can use polls to get quick feedback from the audience on targeted subjects. 

Polls require the least effort from the audience and gather specific insights. You can quickly do a competitor analysis or get an opinion on your product/services using a poll. Fun polls are an excellent way to onboard new employees. While straw polls can help you make quick organizational decisions. 

Here are three more reasons apart from these to explain why you should use polls to gather feedback.

1. Polls help boost engagements – 

Polls are short and require the audience to spend less time responding than a questionnaire. With one click, the audience can share their opinion and move on. This contributes to its popularity among audiences and helps boost engagement. 

With higher engagement, you can gather reliable and statistically significant data. 

2. You can gather quick insights – 

As noted in the previous point, it only takes one click to lock in a response. This means it is easy for the audience to respond and for you to gather instant feedback. Polls help you gather specific and reliable insights.

How to create a poll?

Online Poll Makers Thurstone scale

With an online poll maker, you can conduct a poll and analyze the result in real time. Today’s survey software is intuitive, even for non-technical users. 

Follow these five steps to create a poll using Voxco. 

  1. Drag-&-drop. 
  2. Customize the look & feel.
  3. Translate the polls into the audiences’ language.
  4. Share across multiple channels.
  5. Gather real-time data & uncover insights. 

Let’s see how you can navigate these steps in our platform. 

1. Drag-&-Drop: 

Easily create your polls with our drag-and-drop, no-code survey maker. Build for non-technical users, simply drag and drop the questions you want to use from a range of 100+ questions, select themes, add branding and create a fully functional online poll. 

You can also drag and drop your survey questionnaire from MS word into our survey maker. 

2. Customize the look & feel: 

Use visually appealing themes or design the poll with CSS customization. You can add branded color, font, & theme. Customize the poll with image or video questions to engage more audience and increase the response rate. 

White-label your poll and make sure it reflects your brand personality.

3.  Translate the polls into the audiences’ language: 

Take personalization to another level by translating your poll into multiple languages. Create a poll in a default language and use it to translate it automatically. Choose from over 100 languages and let audiences worldwide share their opinion. 

4. Share across multiple channels: 

Embed or share the poll over email. Embed as a website pop-up. Run polls on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Or send it via SMS. Reach your audience anywhere and anytime. Share polls across multiple channels and gather integrated data. 

Track channel performance to decide when to send a reminder. 

5. Gather real-time data & uncover insights: 

Get real-time data on survey performance & track completes and drop-outs on the go. 

Voxco’s research platform captures and stores data in real time. Share the right data with the right people via our secure reporting portal. Identify trends and uncover insights to take immediate action.

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What are the popular use cases of online polls?

Online polls have evolved and are now a means to gather instant feedback. You will see brands, celebrities, and even your friends using polls to get their audience’s views and opinions. It is also very evident that these polls have higher engagement and response than a long survey. 

Investing in an online poll maker can help you take advantage of polls along with the benefits of the software. 

Let’s look at some popular use cases where you can run a poll. 

Market Research 

Polls on products or services can help you identify customers’ opinions and preferences. You can identify the features your customers want by running a poll before a product launch.

Academic Research 

The responsiveness of polls makes it easy for you to gather data without exhausting the respondents. You can instantly gather rich, diverse, and reliable data for the research topic. 

Employee Experience 

Use polls to gather employees’ voices on important business decisions. Run polls to learn more about your employees or onboard new employees. Increase engagement by gathering their experience feedback with polls. 

Customer Experience 

Engage your customers across different channels to have a pulse on their experience. Use an online poll maker to run polls of varying types ranging from satisfaction to a product feature. Use quick polls to demonstrate that you value their opinion.


Among many ways to interact with your audience, polls can help you quickly collect responses. It is engaging, visually appealing, and mobile-device friendly making it possible to gather a diverse and large volume of responses.

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Online Poll Makers Thurstone scale

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