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What is a Net Promoter Score® is, what does a good Net Promoter Score® mean, and why you should care about it? Learn all of it in this blog.

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What is a Net Promoter Score®?

Being one of the most popular metrics for gauging customer intent, the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) is an index used by companies globally to survey their customers. It asks customers two questions mainly: 
  1. How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or a colleague? The customer gets to select their answer on a scale ranging from 0-to 10.
  2. Why did you give us that score? This is an open-ended question that is accompanied by a dialog box for customers to write their feedback in.
Based on this rating, respondents can be categorized as either promoter (with a rating between 9-10), passives (7-8), or detractors (0-6). The Net Promoter Score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of customers who would be classified as detractors from the percentage who would be classified as promoters.

Example of Net Promoter Score® Survey

NPS® is used by companies to understand customer perceptions about a brand. For example, You would like to know the experience of a customer with their travel agent: 
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How is Net Promoter Score® calculated?

By subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters, you can calculate Net Promoter Score® for your business. Click here to improve your Net Promoter Score® and stack up against industry competition.

See the Net Promoter Score® Survey​ Questions in action Check out how to use a Net Promoter Score® Survey​ Question in a survey​

Why is Net Promoter Score® important?

By seamlessly identifying promoters and detractors, it helps businesses understand their pain points about the product or service. After gleaning actionable insights from this data, it becomes easy for the businesses to make changes based on their detractors’ woes.  While promoters spend more and contribute to brand loyalty, detractors tell you where your offerings lack and which areas need improvement. Unless detractors’ issues are dealt with, they’re likely to move and invest in another brand – which decreases your customer retention to a great extent.  As word of mouth matters more than ever in this digital era, most brands are vulnerable to criticism on social media. So, the likes, comments, and ratings given by promoters or detractors  may have a deep influence on the social media connections of the brand.  So NPS® plays a critical role in the product’s development over time. 

What are the advantages of using NPS®?

Easy to use: Being user-friendly, it’s highly preferred by market researchers. You can create an NPS® survey with simple drag and drop in online survey software. To submit feedback, respondents need to click on one of the answer options that doesn’t consume much time.

Grow business: It provides insights on how to elevate customer experience and enhance customer satisfaction. As happy customers are likely to become your brand ambassadors, they help in promoting your business without any paid resources.

Retain existing customers: Retaining existing customers is economical than gaining new ones. Using NPS®, it gets easy to identify unhappy customers. By focusing on their feedback, they are likely to continue buying from your brand.

Deal with detractors effectively: By understanding the genuine grievance that detractors have about your product/service, it lets you reach out to them for discovering a solution that can help to resolve issues, thereby improving your equation with detractors. By gaining insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your product/service, it enables you to close the customer feedback loop much faster. 

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