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What is a multiple textbox?

A multiple textbox question includes several text boxes that respondents use for providing answers. Being highly used for collecting multiple open-ended answers belonging to a single question, a multiple textbox enables researchers to select numerous labels that a respondent is supposed to fill. Intended for gathering multiple pieces of information at one level, a multiple textbox plays a key role in gathering responses related to a specific category.

Example of a multiple textbox

Suppose a company wants to conduct a survey for employee engagement. They can use multiple textbox in a question such as:

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Where is a multiple textbox used?

In today’s time, respondents prefer to participate in surveys that allow them to share ideas and raise their opinions. While including a set of close-ended questions (with predefined answer options) doesn’t work, using an open-ended question like multiple textbox can definitely help in that case. By providing multiple text entry fields and combining them seamlessly, this question type is ideal for gathering multiple data points of related information. This question type also empowers the researchers to specify the format of the answers.

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What are the advantages of using a multiple textbox?

Effective grouping of questions: Using a multiple textbox question allows researchers to group similar questions that belong to the same category. As they don’t have to create a separate question for every attribute, it helps to save their time too.

More accurate answers: With no predefined answer options included, respondents can answer in their unique way, i.e. the way they want. While there’s no risk of answer choices not resonating with the respondent’s perceptions (as in the case of close-ended questions), respondents end up providing valid and accurate answers. 

Clear and concise: By grouping multiple open-ended answers under one question, the size of the survey/ questionnaire gets reduced to a large extent. As the survey occupies less space, it becomes more concise and sharp which elevates the readability. This helps to provide a better experience to the respondents.

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